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Twitter Fans Name Sci-Fi’s Sexiest Stars

by Dave Elliott
Anna Silk in Lost Girl

Anna Silk in Lost Girl

In a survey commissioned by TV channel Syfy to celebrate the launch of fantasy series Lost Girl which launches on Thursday 1st September at 10pm, they asked fans on Twitter to vote to determine Sci-Fi’s favourite stars. The new series boasts it’s very own feisty temptress, Bo (Anna Silk) – soon to be a sure favourite herself – as a Succubus who drains humans of their sexual energy through kissing before leaving them for dead. However Bo doesn’t want to be evil, and is struggling to learn to handle her power when she finds other members of her obscure race which could be the key to her living a normal life. With spirited sidekick Kenzie by her side, they struggle to live in what has suddenly become a dangerous world – the biggest danger being from Bo’s own kind.

So, who won? Well looking at the lists, it’s fair to say that, whatever you think of Joss Whedon, he’s got an eye for the ladies… and a few of the men… 

Firefly, Dollhouse and Terminator:SCC star Summer Glau trounced the competition in the girls list. Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, came in 3rd, the lovely Jewel Staite 4th, with Dollhouse and Buffy/Angel star Eliza Dushku coming 5th. It doesn’t stop there though. The 6th (Gina Torres), 8th (Morena Baccarin), and 9th (Felicia Day) places where all taken up by Whedon alumni!

Joss does less well in the guys list, with the highest place going to Firefly‘s (and every other Sci-fi show under the sun!) Mark Sheppard coming in 4th, and Captain Tightpant’s – aka Nathan Fillion, coming in 5th. The top of the guys list is of course dominated by the Supernatural trio – Jenson Ackles coming 1st, Jared Padalecki 2nd, and Mischa Collins 3rd. Mark Sheppard was in Supernatural too… That guy gets everywhere!

The full galleries of the top ten Babes and Hunks appear below!

Sci-Fi Babes


Sci-Fi Hunks

Lost Girl premieres on Thursday 1st September at 10pm, only on Syfy.

Keep up with all the latest UK premiere dates over on our UK Air Dates page!

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