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Showcase Channel go on a Starhyke!

by Dave Elliott

Tired of waiting for the Red Dwarf series X? This might be just the thing to help fill the long wait till Autumn 2012!

Starring Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars), Starhyke is a sci-fi comedy set in the year 3034, when the human race has suppressed all forms of emotion. So when the Reptids (the only unconquered alien race in our galaxy) threaten to release a weapon to reawaken human emotion, it’s up to Captain Blowhard (Christian) and her increasingly inept crew to travel back in time to stop them from changing the past and altering our future forever. Now plagued by uncontrollable emotions, the crew of the Nemesis find not-so practical ways of coping, whilst Dr Striker (Bulloch) looks for a cure in the most unusual places…

The show is also packed full of familiar sci-fi stars. Claudia Christian, best known as Commander Susan Ivanova in Babylon 5, said “Starhyke was an absolute joy to work on. The combination of a stellar cast, hilarious situations and the ability to play around in a comedy again was a joy for me… I love the combination of sci-fi and comedy and only the Brits can truly pull it off!” Jeremy Bulloch, the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett in the Star Wars trilogy said of his character, “Doctor Striker is a part I really enjoyed playing because he is completely insane! He a loveable rogue and quite daft, a lot like me!”.

Other stars include Suanne Braun (Stargate SG-1) and Rachel Grant (Die Another Day) and Brad Gorton (London’s Burning). The series also features guest appearances from Danny John-Jules (Cat in the aforementioned Red Dwarf), Mike Edmonds (Time Bandits) and even the legendary Sir Patrick Moore like you’ve never seen him before!

Starhyke has been a huge success on DVD for Bristol based Lightworx Media, and has built a steady fanbase through the sci-fi convention circuit, but this is the first time the anarchic mix of sci-fi, drama and humour has come to UK television. “It’s been difficult at times, but we were always spurred on by the reactions from sci-fi fans and the unwavering support they’ve given toward the series” says producer Jonathan G. Brown.

The series will premiere on Showcase TV on Sky 201 and Freesat 403 at 8pm from the 13th December, with repeats on Fridays at 2pm and Sundays at 4pm from the 1st January 2012.

For more info visit www.starhyke.com

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