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TV Roundup: Spring/Summer 2012 FAQ!

by Dave Elliott

Over on the Renewal/Cancellations and UK premiere dates pages, there are a number of of Frequently Asked Questions in the comments, so I thought it might be worth creating a post to answer them all at once! So… here we go!

Most Frequently asked ‘When Will … Be Back On UK TV?’

The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle Cancelled

Q. When will Ringer season 2 be on Sky Living?
A. It won’t. It was cancelled by it’s US network – The CW – in May 2012 due to poor ratings. I rather enjoyed it, but I can see how it would be impossible to get into halfway through, which probably didn’t help it!

Q. When will The Secret Circle season 2 be on Sky Living?
A.It won’t. It was also cancelled by The CW in May 2012… Although it was the 3rd highest performing show, its though the ratings drop in the 2nd half of the season, and the expense to create the show killed it.

Q. When will Channel 4 be airing True Blood, Season 4?
A. Sorry Freeviewers… Channel 4 decided not to pick up the rights to True Blood, Season 4, which means the ‘2nd run’ rights have reverted to Sky Atlantic as part of their all encompassing HBO deal. ‘1st run’ rights are still with FXUK who will be airing True Blood, Season 5 in the Autumn 2012.

Q. When will Channel 4 be airing the next season of Glee?
A. They wont. Sky1 picked up exclusive rights after out-bidding Channel 4.

Q. When is Breaking Bad airing in the UK?
A. It’s not. And it won’t be for a while yet. Breaking Bad’s 5th and final season is split into 2 parts. Part 1 airing July 2012, part 2… Summer 2013… I don’t see any UK channel forking out for a show that’s been bounced around the UK tv network like a ping-pong ball, unless it gets a good deal on all 5 seasons. Better to wait till everything has aired and pick it up as a job lot. The only place you can see season 3 (legally) in the UK right now is on Netflix. Worth picking up a free Netflix trial account if you’re a Breaking Bad fan!

Q. When will Flashpoint seasons 4 and 5 come back on Universal channel?
A. Best answered from regular contributor Andrew on the UK Air Dates page – “There is no confirmation that Universal has the rights to series 4 broadcast in the UK. So unfortunately, unless anyone knows otherwise, it is a waiting game, just as it was when ITV stopped broadcasting it.Series 5 is still being made and Bell hasn’t even confirmed a date in Canada yet. So realistically it is going to be well into 2013 before we see it, although until there is any news about series 4, series 5 is moot.”

Q. Why hasn’t anyone picked up Parks and Recreation in the UK?
A. I have no idea… seems like the sort of show that would work for a UK audience, but apparently either the UK networks don’t think it will, or NBC are asking a fortune for it (i’m betting on the latter)…

These shows are now CANCELLED so won’t be back!


CSI:Miami cancelled

We do have a page showing all the latest renewals & cancellations, however, a few people seem to have missed that some programmes were cancelled last year, so won’t be back. Here’s the list of the ones we’re most frequently asked about! This is by no means a full list! You can see the 2011 cancellations here and the the latest cancellations here.

  • Alcatraz
  • Awake
  • Chase
  • CSI: Miami
  • The Defenders
  • The Event
  • The Fades
  • Hellcats
  • No Ordinary Family
  • Pan Am
  • Ringer
  • Sanctuary
  • The Secret Circle
  • Terra Nova
  • V

Hope that helps clarify some things! If you are after a UK premiere date for a tv show, just ask on the UK Air Dates page, and we’ll try and help you out!

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