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GeekTown Award Winners : Best TV Show – Sci-fi

by Dave Elliott

After months of voting from GeekTown residents and visitors, the results are in on…

The 1st Annual GeekTown Awards!

Welcome to the first post of the GeekTown Awards, as voted for by all the lovely visitors, and regular contributions to the site. We split the awards down into various TV show, film and gaming categories, and the first group we’re going to announce is the Best TV Show in sci-fi from the past 12 months… Here goes…

  • 7th – Eureka – SyFy UK
  • 6th – Warehouse 13 – SyFy UK
  • 5th – Continuum – SyFy UK
  • 4th – Falling Skies – Fox UK

3rd (Bronze Award) – Arrow – Sky 1


It’s the freshman year for this new take on DC’s Green Arrow, but it’s proving extremely popular with GeekTown residents. Not even out of its first season and already picking up the bronze award in the sci-fi category! Arrow follows the story of Oliver Queen. A billionaire playboy who returns to his home in Starling City after going missing, presumed dead, when his boat was lost at sea. However, in the 5 years stranded on an island, he’s honed his skill with a bow and arrow, and returns to right the wrongs his father caused in the city, by becoming a kick-ass vigilante.

Arrow is currently airing on Sky 1 in the UK.

2nd (Silver Award) – Fringe – Sky 1

At the other end of the scale from Arrow, we have Fringe, which only this week aired its final episode on Sky 1. Fringe followed the actions of a specialist division of the US government who deal in strange phenomena relating to ‘fringe science’. We loved this show here at GeekTown, so we’re really happy to see it pick up the silver award with the fans out there too. It was bold. It was brave. And it will be sadly missed.

Fringe has just finished airing on Sky 1 in the UK, but I urge you to seek it out on [amazon_link id=”B00538VYHC” target=”_blank” ]DVD [/amazon_link] or [amazon_link id=”B00538VYIQ” target=”_blank” ]Blu-ray [/amazon_link] if you haven’t already seen it. You won’t be disappointed!

1st (Gold Award) – Doctor Who – BBC 1


Really, if your asking for the best sci-fi show in the UK, they don’t come more sci-fi and more British than Doctor Who! Despite being 50 years old, it’s a show that (like its lead character) manages to regenerate into something fresh and relevant year-on-year. After a superb reboot in 2005 by Russell T Davies, current show-runner Steven Moffat has continued to keep The Doctor on top form, with the aid of some brilliant scripts from the cream of  writers in the sci-fi genre, and some wonderfully judged performances from 11th Doctor, Matt Smith.

The Doctor returns 30th March 2013 on BBC 1, along with brand new companion Clara Oswin Oswald.

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