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Vegas Hits Sky Atlantic on Valentine’s Day

by Dave Elliott

Vegas coming to Sky Atlantic

Fans of classic casino gangster movies are about to get all of their Christmases at once as the slick, glossy and highly entertaining Vegas hits Sky Atlantic.  We will be able to catch this hot new TV show from 10pm on Valentine’s night, so forget about flowers and champers – think mobsters, shady dealings and action-packed casino goodness instead.

If you guys are fellow casino and poker fans like myself, you will absolutely love this TV show.  Set in the 1960’s when Vegas was at a turning point, the bright lights and seedy underworld of the town are portrayed perfectly.  It’s no wonder that the essence of the Vegas of old has been bottled so excellently in this show – it comes fresh from Nicholas Pileggi, the writing talent behind the incredible epic mobster movies Casino and Goodfellas.

Vegas portrays the story of ex-military cop turned  Sherriff, Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid), as he goes head to head with the new mobster in town, Vincent Sarino (Michael Chiklis), who is looking to exploit the already murky Vegas to turn a profit.  Sure to be a hit with casino and online casinos players as well as those who can only dream of what it’s like to get a taste of Vegas, we follow these 2 natural advisories as Sherriff Lamb tries to protect the soul of a city that Vincent Sarino wants to own.

At the beginning of the 1960’s, Vegas was changing.  Sure, they had already started building the casinos in the town that would soon come to be known as ‘Sin City’, but this was being controlled by the mobsters who were moving in.  Vegas citizens, like the reluctant Sherriff Lamb, were fighting to maintain the goodness of their rough and tumble town.  Vegas tells the story of the power struggle between Lamb and Sarino – an old fashioned cowboy amongst mobsters.

I have hit a few trailers of Vegas and I have to say – it looks absolutely stellar.  It will have you dreaming of Vegas whether or not you have actually been there, perpetuating the stereotype that Sin City is pretty much the coolest place on earth!  People who have left the gambling world behind will be biting at the bit to go back, and with the super-slick Sirano with his tough Brooklyn accent going head to head with the hesitant and likable southern Sheriff, you just won’t know which side you are on!

Watch the Show if….

So – who should be watching this show with baited breath?  Both land casino and online casino players need to check it out for a taste of what Vegas was like before you whippersnappers came along.  You can live precariously through the lives of these characters and catch a glimpse of the buzz and thrills that you are missing.  Poker fans will also love it – of course, poker being the quintessential casino game, there is bound to be loads of poker action.  With Pileggi’s 1995 mobster hit flick, Casino, being in countless lists of the Top 10 Poker Movies of all time, it looks like he himself has a penchant for the game, so you can bet your bottom dollar that it will feature heavily.

Last but not least, Vegas really is a great TV show to catch if you are one of the people who leave the gambling world for whatever reason.  “Old Dogs” in particular will love this show – you may even have been a regular in the hot, up and coming casinos around the time that it was made.  The basis of Vegas is said to be based on true events – we all know that the mobsters were once the Kings of the casino world, perhaps you remember the ‘good old days?’  If you are one of those people who left the gambling world because you liked it a little TOO much, perhaps Vegas could be the perfect little fix that you need to head into the casino rabbit-hole virtually, rather than hitting the chips again altogether!

No matter which category you fall into, rest assured that you will love this TV show – an amazing glimpse of Vegas in the making!

Vegas airs on Sky Atlantic – 14th February 2013 at 10pm.

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