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Geektown Podcast 02 : Interview with composer iZLER!

by Dave Elliott
iZLER headshot by JennKL Photography

iZLER Interview

In this new podcast, we’re chatting to iZLER, the composer of the hit US tv show Revenge (airing on E4 in the UK), and the US version of Shameless.

iZLER is a UK native, and began his musical career as part of Robbie Williams’ band. Now as a television composer, iZLER uses full orchestras for his Revenge compositions, which is increasingly rare in a medium dominated by sample-scores. The orchestras average 50 musicians. This season (the show’s second season) he is also incorporating many non-orchestral, studio instruments, which he plays himself. For season two, he’s created many new musical themes and moments but this is perhaps best seen in the episode titled “Sacrifice” which for the episode, iZLER based the music off of the rhythm of the Morse code for S.O.S. so that the music was subtly suggesting the episodes dramatic end… He is truly doing his best work on the show this season.

iZLER JennKL Photography

iZLER recording

Aside from “Revenge”, iZLER has written score and songs for numerous films and TV shows including ER, and the brilliant but short-lived Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. His song “Superblind” appears on Robbie Williams’ multi-platinum album Reality Killed the Video Star, which was produced by Trevor Horn and based on iZLER’s original production and orchestral arrangement.

iZLER started his career as a touring musician and has toured, recorded and written with artists, producers and composers as diverse as Robbie Williams, Ryan Adams, Dave Stewart, Kylie Minogue, Brian May, Holly Johnson, as well as many others.

For more info on  iZLER, just click here to visit his website at izler.com, or you can follow him on twitter @izler.

Revenge score cues used in this podcast are courtesy of ABC Studios.


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