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Help Fund Big Finish’s First Feature Length Movie – Cleaning Up starring Mark Gatiss!

by Dave Elliott

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

I was recently contacted by Director Tom Guerrier, to ask if I would posts a little bit about his latest film – Cleaning Up, which he’s trying to get fully funded. We’re always happy to support these sort of projects, however this one stood out for a couple of reasons….

  1. It’s the first full length feature from audio drama supremos ‘Big Finish’, and
  2. it stars the legend that is Mark Gatiss as a hitman!

They’re currently trying to raise £15,000 development money for ‘Cleaning Up‘, to allow them to get the film to the point they can shop it around to financiers and go into full production.

Cleaning Up will be a feature length version of the 2011 multiple award-winning short movie of the same name, made by the Guerrier brothers. Simon and Tom Guerrier have been making award-winning short films and documentaries since 2008. Their films include The Plotters, shortlisted for Virgin Media Shorts 2012 and currently playing in 200+ cinemas around the UK, and Wizard, a Hat Trick Short and Funnies finalist 2013. They are represented by Irresistible Films. For more, visit their website.

What they’d like you to do.

All they would like you to do, is go to the Big Finish website and buy a download of the original short movie. It comes in 2 versions:

The ‘Rookie’ Standard Edition for £1.99 – which gives you an HD version of the original short, or

The ‘Hitman’ Special Edition for £4.99 – which gives you an HD version of original short, ‘first cut’ with commentary, behind the scenes film, trailer, image gallery, soundtrack, PDF scripts, posters and wallpaper.

That’s it! One small donation, and you get to see Mark Gatiss as a hitman! :D

Just click here to got to the Cleaning Up page on the Big Finish website, and get your download!

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