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Bitten Panel With Greyston Holt – Comic Con Birmingham (March 2014)

by Dave Elliott

Greyston Holt

Greyston Holt

A couple of weeks ago I was at Comic Con in Birmingham, and got the chance to see a number of the guest panels. I would have posted them earlier, but due to the horrific echo in the hall, the audio was pretty awful. However, thanks to the guys at Comic Con (and special thanks to Mark Weldon, the poor guy having to deal with the live audio stream on the day), I manage to get hold of the actual miked feed, and synced it back up with the video – hence the delay in posting!

Bitten centres around Elena Michaels (played by Smallville & V’s Laura Vandervoort), who is the worlds only female werewolf. In an attempt to get away from the life she never wanted, Elena has fled to hide the city. Working as a photographer, and hanging out with a new boyfriend (who doesn’t know about her wolfier side), life is going okay. However, when bodies start to turn up near her home town of Stonehaven, she is summoned back by her pack master. That means facing up to who she is, and facing Clayton Danvers (Greyston Holt), the former love of her life… and the man that turned her.

Bitten has yet to air in the UK, but is currently airing on ‘Space’ in it’s native Canada, and SyFy in the US, so hopefully we’ll get it here soon! Keep an eye on the the Bitten uk air date page for more info.

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