Someone is actually making working Back to the Future Hoverboards!

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21 Oct 14

So they maybe a few years late compared to the date of the movie, but it’s finally here… Someone is actually producing a freakin Marty McFly, Back to the Future type Hoverboard!

Hendo Hoverboard’s Kickstarter promises to deliver the dreams every movie fan has had since 1989, of being able to hover along on your own real life hoverboard, just like Marty McFly did in the 2nd Back to the Future movie. Sure, if you want them to actually make you one, it’ll set you back a cool $10,000 (that’s about £6,200), but if you ask me, is still a bargain to fulfill a childhood dream.

However, if you can’t afford the full hoverboard price, for the much lower cost of $299 (£185) you can get one of their ‘Whitebox Developer Kits’. This give you your own HENDO Hover Engine set, so you can play with the technology and see what you can make it do!

For more info, hop over to Hendo Hoverboard’s Kickstarter page for more info!