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Supernatural Returns to the UK on E4

by Dave Elliott
Supernatural moves to E4!

Supernatural moves to E4!

Ever since Sky Living (boooo hiss ;)) announced they were dropping Supernatural earlier in the year, there has been little sign of the show returning to UK shores… Until now.

Yesterday the lovely Misha Collins posted the following:

But there wasn’t a confirmation from E4 themselves, so we held off on making a fuss, just in case. However, it’s now confirmed.

Supernatural will return with Season 9 in January 2015!

So, a note to all the Supernatural fans out there who may have watched by ‘other means’… Tune in. Record. Watch it! We want Supernatural to have great ratings in it’s new home on E4 so they bring Season 10 (and any further seasons after that!).

To help celebrate, here’s Dean getting down to some Eye Of The Tiger…

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