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2015 Upfronts : Fox

by Dave Elliott

It’s that time of year again. After the bloodbath of cancellations and renewals over the last week, we start to see trailers for some of the new shows the US networks will try and tempt us with next season. Here i’ve selected a few that I thought might appeal to Geektowners coming from FOX…

LUCIFER TV Show Trailer

Lucifer is the first of the comic book adaptations this season, this one coming from DC Comic’s Vertigo brand. Originally a spin-off from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, The tv series differs a little from the book, but the basic premise is the same, based on the idea that the devil has got rather bored of ruling over Hell, and so decides to retire to LA. In the show, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) sets up a nightclub, but after a soul dies in his arms, he decides the LAPD could use some help, and becomes a a police consultant. If you’re a Buffy, 24 or Suits fan, you may also spot D. B. Woodside in there as Amenadiel, the Angel tasked with getting Lucifer to return to his former employment.

Geekgasm Rating: 8/10 – Actually rather higher than I thought it would be before I saw the trailer. The show has a Joss Whedon’s Angel-esque feel to it, although that could just be the LA setting and Angel/Daemon subject matter.

Minority Report TV Show Trailer


Based 10yrs after the events of the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report, the tv show, precrime, which used pre-cogs Dash, Arthur and Agatha to predict crimes before they happened, has been disbanded. However, Dash (Stark Sands – Generation Kill), is still getting fragmented visions of murders being committed. Determined to stop the killings, he teams up with detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good – Californication) to try and catch the criminals and track down his missing twin Arthur.

Geekgasm Rating: 6/10 – I’m not sure what it is about this show that means I’m not as excited as I feel I should be… I loved the film, but this looks a little too ‘generic buddy cop show’. There’s also an element of Sleepy Hollow in there, but with future tech rather than past… I’ll reserve proper judgement till I can see a full episode.

The Frankenstein Code TV Show Trailer


A modern re-tooling of the Mary Shelley classic sees the Seventy-five-year-old, womanising, drinking, workaholic, former corrupt LA County Sheriff (played by guest star Philip Baker Hall from Modern Family) get killed during a robbery at the home of his daughter. Death however, is not the end for Jimmy Pritchard, as he is brought back to life by billionaire genius twins  Mary & Otto Goodwin (Dilshad Vadsaria – Revenge, Adhir Kalyan – Rules of Engagement). Now as a resurrected as a younger version of himself (Rob Kazinsky – True Blood, nearly Fili in The Hobbit), he discovers he has enhanced physical abilities, and a new life ahead of him. Will he find his killer, find a new purpose in life, or will he slip back into his old destructive ways?…

Geekgasm Rating: 7/10 – This has some interesting things going for and against it. The EP’s include Howard Gordon, the man behind Homeland & 24 (thats a big plus), and the writer is Rand Ravich, the man who wrote Crisis and Life, both 1 season shows (I didn’t see them, but even if they’re great, if they aren’t connecting with the US public, that’s a minus)… I also like Rob Kazinsky, and the story does look like an interesting twist on the whole Frankenstein’s monster idea.

The Grinder TV Show Trailer


After 8yrs on as the star of the hit legal tv show ‘The Grinder’, Dean Sanderson (the utterly brilliant Rob Lowe), finds himself back home where his brother Stewart (The Wonder Year’s Fred Savage) is a real lawyer, albeit one without the fair of his tv sibling, and is poised to take of the family’s law firm. Whilst initially butting heads, it becomes apparent that with Dean’s showmanship and Stewart’s legal knowledge, they could make a formidable team.

Geekgasm Rating: 8/10 – Whilst this isn’t really a ‘geek’ show as such, it does look like it could be fun, and Rob Lowe is amazingly watchable. And who didn’t love The Wonder Years.

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