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Supergirl is Renewed for Season 2 and Joining Flash/Arrow/Legends On The CW!

by Dave Elliott
Flash Greg Berlanti and Supergirl

Flash (Grant Gustin), Greg Berlanti and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

As we were discussing only this week on Geektown Radio, there were rumours of some possible changes coming to Supergirl for it to land a 2nd season renewal. One of those was a move to from US network CBS to it’s sister network The CW. This has now been confirmed – Supergirl will join the 3 other Greg Berlanti DC Comic’s shows on The CW for season 2!

It’s a shift that makes perfect sense. CBS were looking to lower the cost of the show, partly due to the fact it’s numbers had dropped from an, admittedly, massive debut, and partly due to the huge licensing fee CBS were having to pay Warner Bros to air the show on their network. Moving Supergirl to The CW allows CBS to retain some interest in the series (CBS owns half of The CW with WB), but without having to fork out the licensing cost.

From the production side of things, there were rumours Supergirl would move from it’s current shooting location of LA up to Vancouver. Partly because all the other Berlanti shows are filmed up there, and partly due to the tax incentives, which would further reduce costs. This has yet to be confirmed, but it does seem extremely likely. What effect this will have on the show itself remains to be seen, as it was suggested not everyone on the cast was totally over the moon with the idea of moving from LA…

However it turns out, this is great news for fans, and could also mean we see a lot more Supergirl cropping up in Flash, Arrow and maybe even Legends Of Tomorrow next season.

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