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Zachary Quinto Joins ‘Biopunk’ Drama

by Dave Elliott
Zachary Quinto Joins 'Biopunk' Drama

Zachary Quinto Joins ‘Biopunk’ Drama

Not content with zooming around the galaxy on the Enterprise, actor Zachary Quinto has been cast as the lead in an upcoming drama based on the book Biopunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life.

The book, which grew out of an article Wired’s senior business/technology writer Marcus Wohlsen penned for AP, delves into the world of ‘DIY DNA’. These ‘bio-hackers’ are people who are pushing forward the realm of bio-engineering from their own homes and garages. Wohlsen sees these people as being at the cutting edge of the technology, pushing it in directions the big corporations won’t, in the same way that visionaries like Jobs & Gates did for personal computing back in the late 70s & 80s.

This new hour-long drama has been created by Chase Palmer, who co-wrote the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s ‘It’. Palmer comments “The minute I was introduced to the world of Marcus’ book my imagination was captured. I knew immediately this edgy, activist, kick-down-the-walls subculture of citizen scientists was my way in to telling a bigger canvas story about the next great technological evolution no one knows is coming but will change everything: hacking life.”

Quinto is of course best know as Spock in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, Sylar in Heroes, and his various roles in American Horror Story, which saw him nominated for an Emmy. “Having spent some time in my career exploring the landscape of science-fiction, it is a particularly exciting step to delve into a world of science-fact.” remarks Quinto about the new role. “The unfathomably thrilling real-life work of bio-hackers is dramatically crafted with compelling and complex dynamics by Chase Palmer, and Marcus Wohlsen is a limitless source of insight into and information about this powerful and fascinating subculture.”

The show is being developed by The Gotham Group, under Legendary Television, and Quinto will star and serve as and Exec Producer. Still in early development, Biopunk will be pitched to networks shortly.

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