Home TV News Justified/Lost’s Jeremy Davies Going To Sleepy Hollow

Justified/Lost’s Jeremy Davies Going To Sleepy Hollow

by Dave Elliott
Justified/Lost's Jeremy Davies Going To Sleepy Hollow

Justified/Lost’s Jeremy Davies Going To Sleepy Hollow

Actor Jeremy Davies is joining Sleepy Hollow in a recurring role, as the new seasons ‘big bad’ it has been announced.

The Justified & Lost alum will play Malcolm Dreyfuss, an outspoken, arrogant, self made billionaire, who, having dominated the tech market, is looking for other worlds to conquer. He’s set up as the perfect mirror to Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane. Where as Crane seeks to uphold the values of the Founding Fathers, Dreyfuss is the epitome of ‘out of control’ capitalism.

Following the events of Sleepy Hollow Season 3, which saw co-star Nicole Beharie leave the show, Sleepy Hollow will see a number of changes when it returns. Janina Gavankar (True Blood, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries) has been brought in to fill the void left by Abbie Mills, as Diana Malhotra – a Special Agent for Homeland Security. She’s a tough, action orientated character, who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, which obviously rubs up against Crane, who’s far more methodical, and is well aware of what lurks out there in the dark.

Additionally, Lance Gross (FBI boss Daniel Reynolds) and Jessica Camacho (FBI agent Sophie Foster) have been removed as season regulars, although they may return in guest roles. Lyndie Greenwood however, is set to return as Jenny Mills. Next season will also see a change of location, as the action move from the titular New York state town to Washington, D.C., giving Ichabod a much larger city environment in which to play.

Sleepy Hollow has previously aired in October in the UK on Universal. However, US channel Fox have moved it to ‘mid-season’, meaning it won’t return till around February 2017 over there. Hopefully Universal in the UK will stick to airing it close to the US air date, meaning it should return Feb/March in the UK.

If you’re missing your fix of Tom Mison, you can watch our interview panel with him from Comic Con London recently below!

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