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Robot Wars is Over, Bring On The BattleBots!

by Dave Elliott

If you’ve been following the site, or listening to Geektown Radio, you will be aware that BattleBots is due to begin airing on Spike, Sunday, 4th September at 8pm.

Don’t think this is just the US version of Robot Wars… It’s way more than that. No house robots. No pits. No flippers. No gimmicks. This is bigger, badder, and pure unadulterated carnage. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below…


And that’s just from the first fight! BattleBots sees 24 of the best robot builders on Earth pit their cutting-edge machines against one another in a series of fights to the death inside the BattleBox. Bots can have mini-bots, drones, and spew fire… They can even have drones that also spew fire! Wedge shaped bots are discouraged as the producers think they make for boring fights, so the variation in the look an style of the machines is extremely interesting.


Kicking off the tournament is Icewave, which has a tough time getting its 47-pound spinning blade up to full speed against a very aggressive Razorback. In the night’s second bout, Wrecks and Plan X take it in turns to gain the upper hand in a fight so close to call that the judges are forced to adjudicate.

Up next is Bite Force, who takes on Warhead. Going into the fight, Bite Force was widely considered the underdog against one of the most famous robots in history, but inside the BattleBox, past glory means nothing. In the final bout of the night, two robot legends face off, as Nightmare takes on Warrior Clan in a fast and furious encounter that ends with one machine on the rails…

If you want to know more, check out the interview we did with Tom Gutteridge, who is an exec producer on BattleBots, and the person responsible for bringing us Robot Wars in the first place.

BattleBots arrives this Sunday 4th September 8pm Exclusive to Spike (Freeview 31, Sky 160, Talk Talk 31, Freesat 141, BT TV 31.)

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