American Gods European Premiere – Full Q&A Video!

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07 Apr 17

Yesterday, I headed on down to Ye Olde London Town to join various celebrities and actors for the European Premiere of Amazon’s new series American Gods, which streams onto Amazon Prime Video on the 1st May 2017.

Based on the acclaimed Neil Gaiman novel, American Gods stars Ricky Whittle (The 100, Hollyoaks) as Shadow Moon, a convict who, on a flight back home after his released from prison, finds himself sat next to a ‘Mr. Wednesday’ (Ian McShane – Ray Donovan, Pirates of the Caribbean). This mysterious man seems to know a lot more about Shadow than a stranger should, and the conversation leads to him convincing Shadow to becoming his bodyguard. As the duo travel the country meeting up with an unusual group of Wednesday’s friends, it becomes apparent he is not a man at all, but a god… Actually the norse god Odin to be more precise, and these meetings are to try and rally support with other old gods for an upcoming battle with the new, young upstart Gods…

The premiere was held at One Marylebone, a converted church, which is appropriate location for a show about gods. Inside they’d dressed the entrance into magical and somewhat creepy forest, which opened out to the grand main hall at the back, converted into a screening room. After a few drinks, some popcorn, and a video from Mr. Gaiman, who sadly couldn’t be in attendance, we settled into our pews (yes… they had pews), to watch the opening episode.

Whilst I can’t tell you anything about the first episode we saw as it’s still under embargo, I can bring you the entire Q & A with the cast, which took place afterwards (see video above). Actors in attendance included Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon), Ian McShane (Mr. Wednesday),  Emily Browning (Laura Moon), Bruce Langley (Technical Boy) and Yetide Badaki (Bliquis). The panel was hosted, of course, by Alex Zane… because you can’t have a premiere in London without Alex Zane hosting it. I think it’s some sort of London bylaw.

At the end, we were invited for drinks upstairs, which had been lovingly recreated into ‘Jack’s Crocodile Bar’, the infamous location where Shadow agrees to work for Mr. Wednesday. After some time mingling, and a nice chat with Jamie East and Matt Richardson, I headed back out into the night, eager to see the rest of the series when American Gods streams onto Amazon Prime Video on the 1st May 2017.

American Gods European Premiere Gallery