BBC2 Picks Up Ryan Murphy’s ‘Feud’

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08 Jun 17

It’s taken a while, but Ryan Murphy’s latest anthology series ‘Feud‘ has finally found a UK home, and it’s on BBC Two!

This is another, extremely rare, US import buy for the BBC, who also picked up Ryan Murphy other anthology series ‘American Crime Story‘ last year.

Starring Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis, Feud: Bette and Joan’s stellar cast also features Catherine Zeta-Jones as Olivia de Havilland and Kathy Bates as Joan Blondell. The four Academy Award winners are joined by Judy Davis as Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, Alfred Molina as director and producer Robert Aldrich, Stanley Tucci as Warner Bros. studio head Jack L. Warner, Jackie Hoffman as Mamacita, Crawford’s housekeeper, and Alison Wright as Pauline, Aldrich’s assistant. The series also stars Dominic Burgess as Crawford and Davis’ co-star Victor Buono, Sarah Paulson as Geraldine Page, and Kiernan Shipka as Bette Davis’ daughter, B.D.

Beginning with Davis and Crawford’s collaboration on What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? and continuing long after the cameras stopped rolling, ‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ explores with great style and wit how the two stars endured ageism, sexism and misogyny while struggling to hang on to success and fame in the twilight of their careers.

“Drama on BBC Two has to stand out for its authorship, unique vision and exceptional craft so I am delighted that Ryan Murphy’s brilliantly realised series ‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ is coming to the channel”, commented Patrick Holland, Controller of BBC Two. “It features some wonderful performances, a flawless recreation of the period and a delicious unravelling of a personal drama that had a massive impact on modern cinema. ‘Feud’ is a real treat.”

‘Feud’ will help fill the gap left by the next season ‘American Crime Story‘, which won’t arrive until 2018. This is, ironically, partly because Season 2 is based around the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, and they have to wait until hurricane season is over before they can get insurance to allow them to film in the city.

‘Feud’ Season 2 has also already been commissioned and will be based on Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ will air “later in 2017” on BBC Two.