NBC Has Officially Cancelled ‘Timeless’ (Again)

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22 Jun 18
NBC Has Officially Cancelled 'Timeless' (Although There Maybe A TV Movie...)

NBC Has Officially Cancelled ‘Timeless’

The déjà vu news Timeless fans have been dreading has finally arrived… The time-travelling show has been cancelled for the second time.

‘Timeless’ was conspicuously absent from the TV UpFront Bloodbath in May so has been sat in renewal/cancellation limbo ever since. NBC has finally landed the fatal blow just days before the option to renew the cast’s contracts expires. The delay in the renewal was apparently due to NBC and show producers Sony discussing the possibility of a TV movie to finish off the show and give fans some sort of closure. Unfortunately, so far, they haven’t been able to make the economics work, but discussions are reportedly still ongoing, so there is still a tiny amount of hope.

A movie would at least give some resolution to the show’s season 2 finale, which saw *SPOILER WARNING* Rufus be killed during a mission to 1888. As the crew return home to mourn their loss, a future version of Lucy and Wyatt arrive in an upgraded lifeboat inviting the team to save their fallen comrade.

Fans have been desperately firing off the hashtags #SaveRufus and #RenewTimeless, but unlike the success we’ve seen with shows such as ‘Lucifer’ and ‘The Expanse’, this plea fell on deaf ears.

This is the second time NBC has cancelled ‘Timeless’. The show was initially dropped by the network in 2017 after Season 1, but NBC back peddled a few days later, picking it up for a 2nd Season. I suspect the chances of that happening again are extremely unlikely. Now the series is officially cancelled, I guess there is some possibility of it being shopped around to the streaming services. However, Netflix and Amazon have both stepped in already this season to save the aforementioned ‘Lucifer’ and ‘The Expanse’, so whether they would be prepared to pick up another cancelled network show, it’s hard to say…

We’ll let you know if we heard any news on it popping up anywhere else, or if they manage to make a deal to bring a TV movie to life, but as of right now, Timeless is cancelled.