Hulu Announces Live-Action ‘Marvel’s Ghost-Rider’ & ‘Marvel’s Helstrom’ Series

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01 May 19
Marvel/Hulu Announced Live-Action 'Marvel's Ghost-Rider' & 'Marvel's Helstrom' Series

Hulu Announces Live-Action ‘Marvel’s Ghost-Rider’ & ‘Marvel’s Helstrom’ Series

Disney is beginning to utilise their newly acquired bigger stake in Hulu as they announce two new live-action series – Marvel’s Ghost-Rider & Marvel’s Helstrom.

‘Marvel’s Ghost Rider’ centres on Robbie Reyes, the quintessential antihero, who lives on the Texas/Mexico border, consumed by hellfire and supernaturally bound to a demon. When he unleashes the Rider, Robbie brings vengeance for the innocents he encounters but struggles to control the power he wields. The series is executive produced by Ingrid Escajeda, who will serve as showrunner, Paul Zbyszewski and Marvel Television’s Jeph Loeb.

“I couldn’t be more excited and honoured to be handed the reins to a Marvel character as beloved as GHOST RIDER,” commented showrunner, Ingrid Escajeda. “This story hits every note for me – my love for grounded yet conflicted characters and my desire to scare the $&!# out of people! It’s important to me to find a take that thrills existing fans as well as wider audiences and I believe we’ve done just that.” Escajeda has been co-exec producer and writer on Amazon’s superb ‘Sneaky Pete’, along with ‘Empire’ and ‘Justified’.

This is, of course, not the first time we’ve seen Robbie Reyes on our screens as he first showed up in Season 4 of ABC’s ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ played by Gabriel Luna. Whilst they haven’t officially announced whether Luna will be reprising the role for this new series, last night Luna did post on Twitter the comment “Chains a’ rattlin’…“, and this morning retweeted the news about the series, which would seem to imply he will be the star.

‘Marvel’s Helstrom’ follows Daemon and Ana Helstrom, the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer. The siblings have a complicated dynamic as they track down the worst of humanity – each with their attitude and skills. The drama is executive produced by Paul Zbyszewski, who will serve as showrunner and Marvel Television’s Jeph Loeb.

“As a lifelong Marvel fan, I feel incredibly fortunate to help bring this darker, thrilling corner of the comic book universe to life, and I’m just grateful to everyone at Marvel Television and Hulu for the opportunity,” said Paul Zbyszewski, exec producer and showrunner. “Marvel’s known for all the heart, humour, and action they put into every series, but this time around we’re adding some scares to that mix. I think we’ve found a compelling way to dissect some of our deepest fears through the experiences of our two lead characters.”

Zbyszewski is no stranger to Marvel having worked on ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ as writer and exec producer. His other previous work includes ‘Hawaii Five-0’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Day Break’.

Both series are co-productions with Marvel Television and ABC Signature Studios and join the upcoming 3rd season of ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ and the string of Marvel adult-animated series on the US streaming service. The fact they are coming to Hulu rather than the new Disney+ streaming service plays into the news that Disney is keen to keep the tone of Disney+ to a PG13 rating. Releasing them on Hulu gives them more freedom to explore the darker areas of those characters.

For now, it’s impossible to say where Marvel’s Ghost-Rider & Marvel’s Helstrom will end up in the UK. Hulu and Marvel series have been split across networks, with ‘Runaways’ landing on Syfy, and ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ on E4. Other Hulu properties have gone to Amazon Prime UK as well, so they really could end up anywhere. We’ll let you know when we here more.