The Best Online Slot Games for Newbies

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14 Aug 20

The Best Online Slot Games for Newbies

Every day millions of people enjoy video games of every kind from shoot ‘em ups to high-speed driving adventures. But, exciting as these games may be, there is one thing lacking and that’s the chance to win money from them.

The good news is that the latest generation of online slots offers much of the entertainment value of a good video game, along with the chance to turn a profit in the process.

For new players, it can seem a little daunting to take the plunge but most games come with clear instructions and it really isn’t too complicated to play them. What can be difficult is choosing the best games to play, especially for newcomers to the scene. Luckily, it’s easy to find many of the UK’s best online slots at and link directly to many of the casinos where you’ll find them.

To get you started, here are six of the very best, and most popular, games out there at the moment.

Rainbow Riches

Once you start looking around at the sorts of themes that are common in online slots you’ll find that lucky Irish leprechauns feature a lot. This is one of the most famous games of the genre and the aim is to reach the pot of gold that’s at the end of that rainbow. The fact that it’s one of the older slots out there but is still incredibly popular tells you all you need to know about it. The main reason that it’s so popular is that it has plenty of so-called bonus rounds in which you can enjoy windfall prizes that are most definitely worth winning.

Wild West Wilds

In the online slots world, wilds are symbols which pop up on the reels from time to time and are especially valuable as they can stand in for any other symbols, increasing your chances of winning. As the title suggests, this game is set in the days of the old wild west so the wild symbol, in this case, is the sheriff’s star. When these appear it triggers, if you’ll excuse the pun, a prize shootout with pistols as scatter symbols that can win for you even when they’re not actually on a winning line. It might not be Red Dead Redemption 2, but it’s a pretty exciting wild west adventure, all the same.

Frankie Dettori. Sporting Legends

When it comes to sporting legends, few are more legendary than the Italian jockey who once again showed his sheer class in this year’s Goodwood Cup-winning for the record fourth time on Stradivarius at the age of 49. So, it’s only right that he’s celebrated in this slots game which is almost as exciting as watching the racing itself. In fact, by setting off the Golden Derby feature you even get to see a virtual race, the outcome of which determines how many times your prize is multiplied.


There are plenty of movie link-ups in the online slots world with everyone from Marvel superheroes to Ted, the talking bear, making an appearance. But for fans of the John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John movie, this is a must. It features all the 1950s imagery you’d expect with jukeboxes, super-charged hot rod cars and a soundtrack to match. But the main story centres on the romance between bad-boy Danny and innocent Sandy. So the highlight of any session is when you manage to move on to the “Better Shape Up” bonus round with 12 free spins and the promise of a big win or two.

Sherlock Mystery

The famous inhabitant of 221B Baker Street makes a surprise appearance in this game which combines the excitement of slots action with the need to solve a mysterious crime in the process. The reels spin to reveal a series of clues and the more of these that appear, the higher the winnings can be. Holmes and his trusty sidekick Dr Watson are also on hand to help unravel the mystery and the ultimate aim must be to get five “mystery man” symbols on the five reels as this will multiply winnings an unbelievable 10,000 times.

Wall Street Fever

Buy low and sell high has always been the mantra of the brokers who work in the hectic world of Wall Street. So the fact that relatively low stakes needed to play this game can lead to some big prizes fits in perfectly. You’ll get the chance to unleash your inner Gordon Gekko as you play the simple three-reel game which also features a progressive jackpot. This is when a number of the same games link up with the chance of winning one central jackpot which can sometimes even be a seven-figure sum. Now that would be a Wall Street coup worth winning.

But whichever of these slots you decide to chance your luck on first, you’re sure to enjoy a great introduction to the online scene. In fact, you may never want to play an ordinary video game again!