Top Films About Social Media

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18 Nov 20

Top Films About Social Media

The internet has become an integral part of everyday life for everyone. Most of us are no longer able to imagine what their life was like before the internet and its emergence and spread. This phenomenon has caused a lot of controversy about the internet and its negative and positive effects.

Many film creators have found the phenomenon of socializing on the internet and its effect on us as human beings a great material to present a variety of social media movies. Those movies reflect many important issues many people face in their lives. In this article, we will be discussing top films about social media and their plots. Each of those great movies represents a different aspect of our modern life and the influence of social media on our actions, behaviours, and emotional state. Through the following lines, we will learn together about a group of the most prominent works that are characterized by the diversity of their classifications.

The Circle (2017)

The Circle follows the path of a young girl, May “Emma Watson,” who gets a job of a lifetime for her when she joins the team of one of the largest companies specializing in information technology and communication. Things get complicated when company founder Eamon Bailey urges her to embark on a new experiment that forces her to exceed the common standards and break the privacy of personal life barriers.

The Circle tackled Internet issues from a different perspective, focusing on the backstage of the virtual world, the lives of those people who work on it, and their goals. One of the thorny issues that have been ignored for a long time, which is the extent to which the founders of these sites adhere to standards for protecting privacy and user data. It is the issue that sparked controversy in recent years after the spread of a lot of news about the exploitation of the users’ data for various purposes.

The Circle was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and achieved good success at the global box office and received moderate reviews. The film was directed by James Ponsoldt and co-starred Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and Karen Gillan.

Disconnect (2013)

The film reveals the negative aspects of modern communication technology. It revolves around two teenagers, Jason and his friend Fry, who impersonated a girl in “Facebook Messenger” as “Jessica” and began to lure teenagers by sharing a nude picture. After Fry gets some nude photos of his friend Jason, he publishes them on Facebook to reach all of their colleagues, which drives Jason to try to commit suicide by hanging himself. Only then the family of the two young men intervenes to solve the problem.

The Social Network (2010)

The movie may not exactly reflect the exact picture of the founding of Facebook, but it perfectly uses Zuckerberg’s life – metaphorically – to illustrate modes of communication in the modern era. The film can help you write a research paper on Facebook as it depicts how Zuckerberg’s idea has transformed from a mere college student obsession into a global phenomenon – at the same time, focusing on the legal struggle in the courts along the route of Facebook’s journey.

The Social Dilemma (2020)

This movie documentary asks the question “what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media?”. As digital platforms increasingly become a lifeline to stay connected, Silicon Valley insiders reveal how social media is reprogramming civilization by exposing what’s hiding on the other side of your screen.


Ingrid Goes West (2017)

Ingrid Goes West tells the story of a young girl, Ingrid Thorburn, who suffers from social network obsession. After a series of shocks, she decides to move from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles in order to track an internet celebrity, Taylor Sloane, who she followed for a long time on Instagram. With her arrival in Los Angeles begins a long chain of troubles and unexpected paradoxes.

Ingrid Goes West combines multiple artistic styles, as it can be classified as a comedy or road movie. Not far from the dramatic style. The film excelled in shedding light on the issue of obsession with social media, which became the focus of attention of teenagers and young people.

Ingrid Goes West has received moderate reviews on the major movie sites in the world and made good profits for its meagre production budget. The film is directed by Matt Spicer and starring Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen (who you can next see returning as Scarlet Witch in ‘WandaVison’ in January 2021). The film’s script won several international awards.

The Eighth Grade (2018)

The Eighth-Grade comedy-drama revolves around an anxious teenage girl on the cusp of passing the last week of the eighth grade before moving to high school. At the same time, she tries to overcome those feelings by offering advice to others through video clips that she publishes on her blog on the internet.

The Eighth Grade was characterized by a great deal of realism, and perhaps this was the most prominent factor that contributed to its successes and attracted a group of adolescents who saw that it is expressed sincerely. Thus, becoming one of the few works that dealt with the effects of the internet with an objective view without falling into the trap of exaggeration. Whether in monitoring the negatives or multiplying the benefits.

Eighth grade, written and directed by Bo Burnham (‘The Big Sick‘), was shown in late 2018 and achieved great success at the box office, with revenues exceeding $13 million. While its budget was estimated at only $2 million, the film also received high ratings and received a large number of positive reviews.

Nerve (2016)

The crime and thriller movie Nerve revolves around a young girl, Venus, who recently joined the California Institute of the Arts. Determined by followers, Venus wants to make money online through some games. With time things get more complicated than she expected. ‘Nerve’ is one of the few films that dealt with the impact of games spreading on the internet, and that has sparked controversy recently. The film was starring Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, and Juliet Lewis. Its events are based on the novel of the same title while directed by Henry Ghost.

Such movies make us think about how we use modern technology and what is the price we pay to access the internet and be online. Teenagers nowadays get more pressure from social media than in real life, which should not be happening. Use the internet to make your life easier, not harder, understand the difference between virtual and real-life, and remember that your friends are those who support you in life, not those who like your posts.