TV Show By L’Oreal: Brand’s New Marketing Strategy

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26 Jul 21

TV Show By L’Oreal: Brand’s New Marketing Strategy

L’Oreal intends to create its TV show. The brand hopes that companies such as Netflix or Amazon will soon be interested in it.

The show is primarily aimed at professional hairdressers. However, the creators are confident that non-professionals interested in hair care will also appreciate the series. The hosts will be fashion journalist Peggy Frey, designer Charlie le Mindu, and celebrity hairdresser Min Kim. Each episode will talk about trends, include interviews with professionals, and masterclasses on different styling techniques.

Change in the brand’s marketing strategy

Such an experiment is a radical change in the manufacturer’s marketing strategy because, before that, L’Oreal Paris was focused on direct advertising. Christine Milan, chief strategy officer at Publicis Luxe, the ad agency that co-created the show with L’Oreal, says: “The company is committed to supporting professional hairdressers by providing quality products and helping them attract more clients to their salons. Stylists and hairdressers are looking for inspiration, seeking to increase their visibility, and their potential clients are becoming more interested in niche professional experience. Therefore, we decided to come up with content in a hybrid format, created for professionals, which may be interesting to amateurs interested in hair care.”

L’Oreal explored the nuances important to creating shows for platforms such as Netflix. The company is confident that such an opportunity exists in the future, but the company wants to start by fully controlling the process. Initially, the series can be watched on YouTube, while viewers will be able to see short clips on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Why do companies start investing in such content?

Many companies, whose products can be found in the MAKEUP online store, have started to invest their advertising budgets in apparently non-advertising content. TV advertisements are becoming less and less effective. Viewers no longer perceive commercial breaks as the norm. Nearly half of gen Z does not watch linear TV, according to a survey conducted by Wattpad, a digital publishing platform.

For this reason, brands have to look for effective workarounds, including product placement and integration. According to PQ Media, global product placement revenues increased for the decade in 2019 by 14.5%. This indicator is expected to resume double-digit growth in 2021.

Brands have to spend a lot of money to creatively integrate their products into already popular shows. This is often even more costly than just funding the original show on their terms. It is like renting and owning. What’s the point of renting someone else’s and having little control when you can invest in personal content and achieve good results? Now there is a massive demand for content of all genres. Therefore, when a brand offers its audience a quality show or film, it has every chance of achieving the desired results.