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How Much Does It Cost to Enter a Slot Tournament?

by Jason Smith

How Much Does It Cost to Enter a Slot Tournament?

Playing slot games as a solo player to pass the time might be fun, but the excitement is nothing compared to participating in slot tournaments. The thrill of challenging other players for prizes has more of an exciting edge than playing slots with no competition.

Most casinos attract their players by organising slot tournaments, as the rules are more transparent and straightforward than other casino tournaments, such as blackjack tournaments. Those require strategies and are challenging to play slots. Unlike others, anyone can play slot tourneys and win huge prizes. However, before deciding to switch from slot games to a slot tournament, take a few minutes to read about it. It is essential to know just what a slot tournament is, how slot tournaments work and how much you need to participate.

What Is a Slot Tournament?

A slot tournament is a gaming event or competition organised by casinos for slot game players, either playing online or playing in land-based casinos. Players get to play on the slot machine that will host the competition and are given an equal number of credits, and a time limit is set for the players. The players compete against one another to have the most credits. Though slots are luck-based, you can improve your chances by betting for big wins and how fast you spin. A player that spins the wheel more within the time limit stands a better chance. Rewards from slot tournaments can range from cash prizes, virtual or actual credits, luxurious holiday tickets, etc.

How Does Slot Tournament Work?

Slot tournaments are simpler to participate in than other casino tournaments. It can take place online or at a physical casino. In either case, players come together after signing up for the tournament in advance to compete in best online pokies in Australia 2023.

For online casino slot tournaments, once a player signs up for a match, the online casino will accept the interest and assign the player a certain number of credits and a slot machine number. These credits can only be used within the time limit of the tournament.

Instead of online casinos, land-based slot tournaments are more open-armed. The operators of land-based casinos try to maintain some standards by inviting loyal players to come and play. That is understandable, as there are limited slot machines at physical slot tournaments.

Each slot tournament rules differ from one casino to the other. However, the basics of how slot tournaments work are the same. The more points you accrue, the higher you go on the leaderboard and the better your chance of winning a prize at the tourney’s end. Points can be earned through the following.

  • Betting points. This involves a continuous style where the player keeps betting irrespective of whether they are losing or winning. The more they place bets, the higher their chances of earning points.
  • Winning points. In most slot tournaments, players are ranked based on the number of slots won to gain points. The more a player wins, the higher their rank in the prize pool.

Slot tournaments’ two most important aspects are the leaderboard and the prize pool. The leaderboard shows the points you accrued and where you stand compared to the competitors. That knowledge helps decide whether to change strategy or stay current. On the other hand, the prize pool reveals the ranks of the top players in slots tournaments, and typically, the prize is equally shared by the leading players depending on the rules of the casino.

Types of Slot Tournaments

The type of slot tournaments may determine how much you need to participate. You will find several types, both online and offline. Most popular slot tournaments include:

  • Scheduled tournaments. This is perhaps the most common type of slot tournament. Competitions are organised on a particular day and time, and players are expected to register with their casinos and be present at the scheduled time and date. Depending on the casino, these tournaments can last a few hours down to months, and some will possibly host multitouch blackjack tables.
  • Buy-in-tournaments. These are very common online slot tournaments that require participants to pay an entry fee before participating. The cost of entry varies and may depend on the casino hosting it. In some casinos, a small entry fee can be $1.
  • Sit-and-Go tournaments. A typical sit n’ go tournament takes just a few players and a predetermined number of players. It has no time limits like scheduled slot tournaments. It is but a timed competition for players to begin and end at the same time. To participate, a player must sign up at a casino website and abide by the tournament rules. It is essential to know that the Sit n’ Go tournament prize pool is lower than a scheduled tournament.
  • Freeroll slot tournaments. Freeroll slot tournaments are harder to find, but participation is free. Considering there is no entry fee, you may not enjoy significant rewards. All you need is to find a casino offering such incentives and sign up for participation. Free slot tournaments usually last for a short period as they are incentives for casinos to attract more players.
  • Comped tournaments. This tournament is reserved for loyal casino players and high-rollers. Casinos invite them to the comped tournament after depositing and playing with a certain amount of money to reward these customers and keep their patronage. In other words, comped tournaments are a VIP scheme with no entry cost. You can always find freeroll slot tournaments online if you need to be qualified.

Strategies for Winning a Slot Tournament

There are no specific strategies for winning online slots tournaments. Slot generally is a game of luck, but tournament rules vary from one casino to the other. But some fundamental tips can increase the potential wins of a player.

  • Be time conscious. One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning at a slot tournament is to make the best use of the allocated time and avoid distractions on all fronts. Focus on the spin button and hit it as fast as you can. The more you spin, the better your odds in each round.
  • Bet across all paylines. Wagering across every available paylines in a slot tournament boosts a player’s odds of landing some of the best wins in a slot game.
  • Aim for bigger wins. To rank high on the leaderboard or the prize pool of a slot tournament. You should focus on raking in the big wins rather than the small wins. And for this, you need to make the maximum bet to have the most coins at the end of each round to land big wins.

How Do You Get Paid in an Online Slot Tournament?

As you are figuring out how much it will cost to enter a slot tournament, you should know how to get paid when you win. If you win cash, it will be credited into your casino account and, most times, wager-free. Not all rewards come as real cash prizes. We take a look at different types of prizes you can win at online slot tournaments.

  • Prize pool. The reward when competing for a prize pool in slots tournaments is made up of admission fees collected from each participant. Specific percentages of the total amount credited as prizes to the players based on their positions on the leaderboard. Of course, the casino gets to keep a certain percentage of the total money.
  • Bonus rewards. Online casinos reward players who participate in free slot tournaments with bonuses instead of cash rewards. Usually, these tournaments are for new players and require no entry fees. These prizes come in the form of cash bonuses, free spins and free rounds of games. It provides an excellent opportunity for new players to enter competitive mode without risking their own money.
  • Jackpot prize money. The winner takes it all in this reward while other players come home with nothing. Before the slot tournament begins, many players enter and compete against others. To earn the right to participate, they all pay a specified fee. Most of the time, the jackpot prize amount that the winner walks away with depends on the number of players competing.
  • Fixed cash reward. Sometimes, online casinos organise slot tournaments and fix the prize amount from the onset. These prizes do not consider the number of players competing in the contest. This leads to a situation where the organiser makes a massive profit if many players participate. In this type of slot tournament, you can still make good money in prize rewards without being the winner. You only need to strive to end up in a respectable position, and you will be rewarded with a prize allocated to such a position on the paytables.

How Much Does It Cost to Enter a Tournament?

Playing slot tournaments always comes with one particular question, how much does it cost to play? Or is it free to enter a slot tournament? To answer these questions, it is imperative to know that rules differ from one casino to the other. So, while some slot tournaments will require as little as A$10 to A$100 to participate, some do not require any specific fee. For example, it costs nothing but a few minutes of registration at a casino to enter a freeroll slot tournament.


Everyone gets a good value for their money and time competing in slot tournaments. Compared to roulette or blackjack tournaments, where the veteran always wins, you stand the same chance to win the biggest prize as other competitors. If you are new to online slots, a buy-in for slot tournaments is a great way to start and try out several new slots. You also learn all the features and payout behaviours with a minimal price. Whether a newbie or veteran, you get equal opportunities to win and have fun.

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