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Flash/Supergirl Crossover

The Flash To Meet Supergirl in Crossover Episode!

Flash/Supergirl Crossover
Have to say i’m somewhat surprised this is happening so soon, but CBS has just announced that The Flash will be paying a visit […]


Daredevil Returning To Netflix in 2016!

Only yesterday we were talking about Daredevil on Geektown Radio, and I’d said how we may have to wait a while for a 2nd season… […]

Jason Momoa in his Aquaman costume!

Quite often we’ll get sent posters for things, and often I don’t bother posting them because there’s not really a whole lot interesting about a […]

First Teaser Trailer Lands for Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix

It’s been one of the most hotly anticipated shows, since Netflix announced they were partnering up with Marvel to produce 4 + 1 original series […]

3 Underrated films of 2014

With the release of Terminator Genisys and Jurassic Park scheduled for next year, 2015 promises to be an enjoyable one for film fans from around […]

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Marvel News: Benedict Cumberbatch IS Doctor Strange, Ryan Reynolds IS playing Deadpool, and Krysten Ritter IS Jessica Jones!

Benedict Cumberbatch
It had been rumoured for a while, but now it’s official – Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as Marvel’s Doctor Strange. The movie is set […]

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Charlie Cox is Netflix’s Daredevil

Charlie Cox
Carrying on the long tradition of Englishmen British men coming to Hollywood and stealing lead roles from hard working Americans, Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox is taking on the role of […]

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Extended Trailer for The Flash TV Series

We knew it was coming, and now CW have released the first full trailer for their new show based around DC Comic’s The Flash. Created […]

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Review: Man Of Steel DVD/Blu-ray

Man Of Steel on DVD & Blu-ray
With Man Of Steel released this week on DVD, Blu-ray 3D, and Digital Download this week, this was a nice […]

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Fox picks up young Detective Gordon series ‘Gotham’

James Gordon
This is one that seems to have popped up out of nowhere… Fox US have just given a straight-to-series order (i.e. no pilot) to a […]

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Ben Affleck is Batman!

Ben Affleck is Batman
Zack Snyder has found his Batman for 2015’s upcoming Superman/Batman movie, and it’s no other than Ben Affleck! Interesting choice, and I’m […]

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Win your very own superhero costume!
Here’s a prize I’m sure you won’t be able to resist…
How about the chance to design and win your very […]

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Interview with Real-life Superheroes – Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign!

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign in London
A new breed of superhero is springing up among us. These guys don’t have super strength, they can’t turn […]

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Come see real Superheroes, at the Huawei Superpowers Symposium in London!

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign coming to Huawei Superpowers Symposium in London!
Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign
Seattle’s fearsome street-and-rooftop warrior, Phoenix Jones, and his spandex-clad sidekick, Purple […]

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5 Reasons Man Of Steel Disappointed (an alternative viewpoint)

I rather liked Man Of Steel, however, it does seem to have divided audiences… So when I was offered an alternative view point by one […]