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Uses For Your iPod No. 241… Body Armour!

Amazingly handy things iPod… Even in a fire fight!
The story:

“My wife’s uncle works in a military hospital and told me about this. Its pretty amazing. […]

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GTA IV Trailer!

Looks like you could be playing a Russian this time round, and looking like another new city. Kinda industrial. Graphics are looking sweet too! Go […]

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May The Stamps Be With You!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, the US Postal Service have released a collection of commemorative postage stamps! They are asking the public […]

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Now With Added Venom…

New Spiderman 3 trailer with more shots of Venom added, plus a close up of a very toothy looking Eddie Brock!

See the trailer here
See more […]

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DVD Covers v Movie Posters

Found this interesting blog post about why DVD cover art sucks so much compared to the original movie posters. e.g.

A load more here
The folks over […]

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TIE Fighter speakers / R2D2 DVD Projector

Someone hide Daryl’s credit card before he reads this post… 😉
Gizmodo have just posted some pictures of these:

The TIE Fighter speakers from Question […]

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/rant I hate IE…

I hate IE… I hate people that use IE… I hate Microsoft… I hate IE… I hate IE… I hate IE…

You know in school, where […]

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Calling ex-SWG Players.

I was clicking round the forums this afternoon, when i stumbled over this thread in the SWG section.
It starts with someone reposting an […]

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The Watchmen… First Shot Of Rorshach!

Click for bigger version
Harry over at AICN has got one hell of a scoop… The first image of Rorshach from the Watchmen movie! It’s actually […]

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World of Warcraft Population Tips 8.5 Million!

Blizzard announced a new milestone in the population of Azeroth yesterday, as the number of subscribers (that’s people who have bought and are playing the […]

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Spidey 3 in 225Mbs Worth of High Defness!

UPDATE: Sony have removed the video for the moment, but you can view it in lower res below:

A whole 7mins 31secs of Spiderman 3 in […]

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BAFTA TV Awards, Vote Here!

The audience award nominees for the BAFTA TV awards have announced. They are Planet Earth, The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special, Life On Mars, Royle […]

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Total Lunar Eclipse

Well, I’m writing this post as the Lunar Eclipse is reaching totality outside… sadly my camera batteries have just decided they don’t wanna take anymore […]

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“Ghost Rider” reviewed!

Well, I’ve just come home from seeing Marvels’ latest comic-book adaption, Ghost Rider. No doubt people have seen the adverts on tv or on […]

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Music For Your Every Mood

Earlier today, I signed up to a rather handy site called as a new way of browsing for interesting web pages. After a few […]