World of Warcraft Population Tips 8.5 Million!

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08 Mar 07


Blizzard announced a new milestone
in the population of Azeroth yesterday, as the number of subscribers (that’s people who have bought and are playing the game, and excludes trial accounts), hits 8.5 million… Let’s put that into some perspective…

£8.99 x 8,500,000 users = £76,415,000 GBP a month!

Thats around £2,547,166.67 a day…
Or £106,131.94 an hour…
Or £1,768.86 a second…

£76,415,000 x 12 months = £916,980,000 GBP per year (that’s around $1,769,046,240.68 USD, or 1,347,044,320.36 EUROS).

Okay, so it’s less, as they’ve just only just hit 8.5 million players, but i can’t see Blizzards accountants losing too much sleep over there profit margins… 😉

Some of the coutries Azeroth has a higher population than are:
Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, and is fast on track to beat the 9.1 million population of Sweden. Although, in Denmark there are admittedly less Orks.

Around 0.13% of the world play World of Warcraft.