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Life on Mars US New Cast Pics!

by Dave Elliott

The new cast photos for the recast US remake of Life on Mars have been released. It does to me look somewhat more convincing than the old US cast.

Much as i like Colm Meaney and thought it was more the script/direction than the actor that was the problem, if you are going to recast, you can’t do much better than Harvey Keitel as Gene Hunt (well… not without convincing Philip Glenister cross the pond, and put on an american accent anyway!). I also loved The Sopranos and i can see Michael Imperioli doing a really good job as Ray Carling. He certainly looks the part (awesome ‘tache!) ;)

I wasn’t massively convinced by Jason O’Mara as Sam Tyler in the first pilot, but with a better script and better direction, i’ll give him a second shot. I know nothing of  Jonathan Murphy who’s playing Chris Skelton, or Gretchen Mol who’s playing Annie Norris (i’m assuming Cartwright isn’t a very American surname?)… They do all look more ‘the part’ though. Click the images below…

Gene Hunt Chris Skelton

There’s also a few very quick snippets of the show over on the official website

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