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Wy SyFy? Sci-Fi Channel Name Changed

by Dave Elliott

Syfy - New Name for the SCI FI Channel

Here at Geektown, we wear our geekdom on our chest. It’s a badge of pride and honour… So when a fellow geek… A comrade in lightsabers if you will… Try to hide and shun their true nature, we need to sit them down and have a talk.

Sci-Fi Channel. Don’t be ashamed. We know you were bullied as a youngling by those bigger channels, but you’ve grow into a fine, upstanding network. Don’t shy away from your true nature. There’s nothing wrong with being a geek. After all, as someone once said, “the geek shall inherit the earth”. You can change your style and change your name from SCI FI to Syfy, but we still know what you are, and where you’ve come from… All those afternoons playing old episodes of Quantum Leap and Star Trek. Your not fooling anyone!

You may call yourself Syfy, but you’ll always be SCI FI to me. ;)

Full press release here

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