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GeekTown’s Top 5 Most Thrilling Moments in PC Gaming

by Dave Elliott

The people over at Mazda have just launched the ‘Mazda Thrillseekers‘ campaign, and it got me thinking… What are the most thrilling moments we’ve had in our years playing PC games? What are the moments that have just taken you breath away, or had you giggling like a excited little kid? These are GeekTown’s top 5 most thrilling moments in PC gaming!

Left 4 Dead

5. The Zombie Apocalypse (Left 4 Dead)

Really, if your going to talk about thrilling experiences in PC gaming, it’s pretty impossible not to mention the awesomeness of fighting of wave after wave of flesh eating zombies in Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2!

The shear panic the first time your knocked to the ground, desperately trying to survive, praying one of your fellow teammates manages to make it to you in time! Oh… and the first time you meet that witch…


4. Meeting the local wildlife in Un Goro Crater (World of Warcraft)

So there you are… happily wondering around, collecting a few seeds, plants and crystals, plus slaughtering the occasional raptor that decides to cross your path.  Sudden the ground appears to shake… Interesting… and probably not good…

You see, what you might not have realised, those lil’ raptors you’ve been bludgeoning, have some rather larger cousins… At this point it’s probably a good idea to check behind you as it’s more than likely there’s a GIANT FREAKING LIZARD running towards you at full pelt!

The Cake Is A Lie

3. Best End Credits Ever (Portal)

You’ve been put through hours of tests by Aperture Science’s deranged computer AI, GLaDOS. You finally reach her core. And after a hard fought battle, she is finally defeated… Or so you think. The end credits roll and… wait… is that GLaDOS? Singing? But, she’s… oh no… nooo…

She’s Still ALIVE!

Quite possibly the most awesome, thrilling end credits anywhere, ever!


2. THAT Reveal (Knights of the Old Republic)

Despite being lumbered with Carth Onasi (one of the whiniest little bitches in all gamedom), you’ve managed to battled your way through the galaxy, chasing down the evil sith, Darth Malak. You finally come face to face with your hated enemy, only for KotOR to throw in it’s very own ‘No. I am your father’ moment as (WARNING: SPOILER)…

…you discover you are actually his long lost apprentice Darth Revan!

1. Stepping out of Bestine Spaceport for the first time (Star Wars Galaxies)

Bestine (SWG)

SWG was my first MMO (pre all the NGE debacle). I didn’t really have any idea what to expect, other than the few bits my friends who had suggested I bought the game had told me. So I created my character, and went through the (at the time, pretty basic) training space station, and got a text from my friends to meet them on Tatooine. Bestine was the closest port to their town, so that’s where I told the nice man on the training station to drop me there. So I land on Tatooine… and my inner Star Wars geek, begins to freak out a little… Look! There are Jawas running around! And Wookies waiting to board shuttles! I step outside the port… Hundreds of people running around, training skills and trading good. Selling droids and offering services. I turn a corner and find a freaking AT-ST and a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers!.. Despite all it’s faults (and it did have quite a few), i don’t think i’ve ever found an MMORPG that really felt as much like a living, breathing world as Star Wars Galaxies did the first time i stepped into it.

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