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Review: Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode III

by Dave Elliott


Robot Chicken Star Wars episode III Review

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode III

Once again, Robot Chicken are back with their 3rd genius Star Wars special edition of Seth Green & Matthew Senreich‘s stop-motion animated tv show! This time round we open Emperor Palpatine coming to his unfortunate (for him anyway) end, just like in the movies. But as he hurtles down into oblivion, he has time to reflect over what bought him to this point in his life. This includes some great sequences, such as Anakin having to explain to Palpatine that his face may just have, you know… caught… just a tiny bit… of the force lightning deflected from Mace Windu’s lightsaber… Palpy dealing with daily life on board the Death Star, and an explanation of some of the other orders that came before Order 66.

There’s some old favs back too, such as Gary the Stormtooper (voiced by Scrubs’s Donald Faison) trying out a speederbike for the first time on Endor, and visiting the Lar’s homestead on Tatoonie; and the brilliant Boba Fett (voiced by Road Trip’s Breckin Meyer), this time sporting a rather awesome tshirt cannon. Once again they’ve managed to rope in some of the original Star Wars cast to reprise their roles including Billy D Williams (Lando), Anthony Daniels (C-3P0), & Ahmed Best (Jar Jar). All working along side the RCSW regulars Seth MacFarlane (Palpatine), Zac Efron (Anakin) and of course, Seth Green himself.

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode III doesn’t skimp on extras either. There’s the usual commentaries, along with 3 ‘For the Love of…’ featurettes (called …Toys, …Star Wars, and …Film Making) talking to the crew about the things that inspired them to make these specials. There’s a bunch of ‘Deleted/Unused Animatics’ introduced by the Seth, Matt, and the writers. Featurettes on the writing and the voice recording. Footage from the Star Wars Celebration Panels and the premiere at Skywalker Ranch – this is where you get to see just how big a bunch of SW geeks the Robot Chicken team really are! There’s also a fascinating chat between Seth and some of the writers and Mr. Star Wars himself George Lucas, who really goes to show how much he loves and supports these specials.

Overall, it’s another fantastic Robot Chicken take on Star Wars, and I’m already looking forward to them making Episode IV!

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode III is released in the UK on July 4th 2011.

9/10 – More fantastic Star Wars parody from some brilliant geeky fans.

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