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Being Human is back, with a new Vampire… Meet Hal (Video)!

by Dave Elliott
Being Human Series 4

It's all change in Being Human Series 4

With Mitchell (Aidan Turner) gone, and George (Russell Tovey) about to hang up his furry paws, ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow) is going to need a couple of new supernatural beings in her life for Being Human, Series 4. The first is Tom (Michael Socha), bumped up from a guest character to series regular, will take over the resident wearwolf role. First appearing in series 3, Tom discovered that McNair, the man he thought was his father, in fact wasn’t… Not only that, he was the one who gave him the werewolf curse in the first place! Since McNair’s death, Tom has stayed in Barry and is welcomed into Honolulu Heights. Putting his nomadic life and his mission to kill all vampires (mostly!) behind him, Tom has to learn to live like a human, love like a human and fight like a human. But will he succeed?

The latest new cast member is Hal (Damien Molony), a 500 year old vampire, and the temptation for blood and carnage still rules his every waking thought. Since meeting best friends Leo (a werewolf) and Pearl (a ghost) in 1955, Hal has managed to stay off the blood by sticking to a rigid structure and keeping away from all people. Coming to Honolulu Heights is a huge disruption for Hal. And he doesn’t cope well with disruption. At first, Hal – the stand-offish, posh vampire – and Tom – the common, feral werewolf – find themselves at loggerheads, but once a mutual respect is gained, we see this odd couple become close.

Still no exact air date for Being Human Season 4, but it’s soon (i’m guessing 22nd of Jan 2012 at 9pm, but that’s not confirmed!)

See more of Hal in the video below!


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