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(Sponsored Video) James Franco tests out the Samsung GALAXY Camera

by Dave Elliott

James Franco, when he’s not trapped under rocks, or allowing the world to be taken over by hyper intelligent monkeys, likes to don his party hat, and put the new Samsung GALAXY Camera through its paces. Watch as he avoids potential photography pitfalls (The Photo Bomber… The Instant Viral… The Eyes Wide Shut…) with an arsenal of features including 21X optical zoom, Photo Wizard, Buddy Photo Share, Slow Motion video and more.

I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S3 for a while now, and I’m a huge fan of it as a smart phone. But whilst it’s got a decent camera for a phone, nothing really measures up to having a full blown camera.

With this in mind, those clever folk at Samsung came up with the Galaxy Camera. Ditching the phone, but keeping the 3G/4G & Wi-Fi connections, meaning you can instantly store your photos & video on Dropbox, mail them to friends, or upload them to Facebook.  The GALAXY Camera is the world’s first truly connected camera.

It combining high-performance photography features with an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, allowing users to shoot, enjoy, edit and share high quality images and video from anywhere, at any time through a single device..

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/samsungcamera

This post was sponsored by Samsung

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