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Competiton: Win All 6 Dexter Novels by Jeff Lindsay!

by Dave Elliott

With Dexter returning to our TV screens this month, what better way to celebrate than to give away this awesome prize of ALL 6 Dexter Novels by Jeff Lindsay! What’s more… we have 5 sets to give away!!

The Dexter TV series may differ substantially from it’s source novels, but if you’re a fan of the TV show, you are going to love the novels that started it all!

Win all a set of 6 Dexter novels by Jeff Lindsay!

Win 1 of 5 set of ALL 6 Dexter novels!

Win 1 of 5 set of ALL 6 Dexter novels!

Darkly Dreaming Dexter  – The novel that kicks it all off is ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter’. The story follows Dexter Morgan, a Miami PD forensic blood spatter pattern analyst… who also happens to be a serial killer. Seemingly an ordinary ‘nice guy’, with a regular job and a boring life, his leads a double life disposing of those people he confirms are ‘bad guys’. Thanks to the ‘code of Harry’, a methodical approach set by his father who recognised Dexter’s need to kill (referred to as Dexter’s ‘Dark Passenger’), he’s disposed of 36 people so far without ever being caught. However, his world is turned upside down when a new serial killer turns up in Miami, and takes an interest in Dexter’s ‘work’, calling him ‘out to play…’

Dearly Devoted Dexter – After the events of the first book, sergeant Doakes has grown suspicious of Dexter’s extracurricular activities, and is watching him like a hawk. When a mutilated body turns up, the 2 of them are thrown together to work the case, but neither of them trust each other, and with Doakes still prying into Dex’s life, it’s pretty clear this partnership is not going to end well…

Dexter in the Dark – Dexter is called in as forensic analyst on the mutilated bodies of a pair of students who have seemingly been sacrificed to an ancient god. Something about the case scares Dex’s ‘Dark Passenger’ into silence, leaving him to questions all of his actions, and his life. He’s also dealing with the increasing realisation that the abuse suffered by the children of his bride-to-be, Rita, maybe setting them on a similar path to his own…

Dexter by Design – Whilst honeymooning in Paris with Rita, Dexter is introduced to a bizarre form of performance ‘art’, which uses blood and body parts as a canvas, and the artist seems to have taken an interest in Dexter… At home, Rita is becoming concerned that her children aren’t quite the same as other kids, and Dex’s relationship with his sister, the newly appointed sergeant Deborah Morgan has become somewhat strained…

Dexter Is Delicious – Life is changing for everyones favourite serial killer. Not only is he married, he’s also got a new daughter who is distracting him from his ‘hobby’. His job with Miami PD however marches on, as the body of a young girl turns up, partially eaten, with human teeth marks on the body…

Double Dexter – It seems Dexter has been a little careless, and on one of his evening outings with his ‘Dark Passenger’, a witness sees them at ‘work’. As he tries to track down the witness, it seems someone is starting to mimic and manipulate him, but no one likes a copycat. Especially Dexter.

How To Win!

Win a set of all 6 Dexter novels!

Win a set of all 6 Dexter novels!

As usual, we have 2 ways to win, and yes you can do both and DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES:D


  • Sarah Pearce 
  • Jeremy Hards 
  • Karl Foxley 
  • Marina Wilson (via Twitter)
  • Deborah Wheeler (via Twitter) 

1. Retweet the following:

Retweet to win a set of all 6 Dexter novels @GeekTown! 5 full sets to give away! http://wp.me/p10pHL-2JX

2. Leave a comment on this post saying you want to win!


The competition closes on 17th March 2013 and is open to UK residents aged 16 or over.
There will be 5 winners picked from entries on geektown.co.uk and Twitter.
By entering you are agreeing to the rules of this competition. Full rules can be read here.

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