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Geektown Awards 2013: Winner – Best TV Show – Comedy or Musical 2013

by Dave Elliott

Next up is the ‘Best TV Show – Comedy or Musical 2013’. Some great shows were nominated in this category, but there can be only one winner…

3rd – Modern Family

ABC’s hugely popular comedy about the lives of a ‘modern’ American family picks up 3rd place in our awards this year. Airing on Sky 1 in the UK, the show is due to return to our screens early in 2014.

2nd – How I Met Your Mother


Due to return the the UK for a final season in early 2014 (get a move on E4!), the epic comedy has run for 9 seasons, at which point Ted’s kids should finally learn how he met their mother! They may all be going off to other projects, but I’m really going to miss this show, especially the legen – wait for it – dary Neil Patrick Harris as Barney!

1st – The Big Bang Theory


I’d like to say this category was a close run thing… but it really wasn’t. Taking the number 1 slot with a whopping 46% of the vote, is the consistently funny Big Bang Theory. Now in it’s 7th season (airing on E4), the adventures of 4 geeky friends, and their long suffering wive’s & girlfriends – Penny, Bernadette and Amy. It also has a kick-ass theme tune from the brilliant Barenaked Ladies!

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