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Gadget ideas that NOBODY has thought of yet

by Dave Elliott
Water into Wine

Water into Wine

We live in a world where a new gadget arrives on the market everyday; some are even made by your average individual in the comfort of their own garage. From memory foam chairs to edible cups, here are a few that no one has quite yet thought of yet.

A memory foam chair

Those with back problems and sleeping complaints will often invest in a memory foam mattress, yet what if the same material was used to create a chair? The highly energy absorbent fabric could easily be fashioned into an everyday armchair and prove a great benefit to those with back and joint ailments.

A transparent hole-punch

Regardless of whether you’re hole-punching accounts and bills to file away in your McCarthy and Stone home, or alternatively you’re helping your grandchildren with an art project, more often than not, you’ll end up punching the wrong part. A transparent hole punch would be a great invention, as it would stop such a fault from occurring.

A chalkboard that converts chalk dust into new sticks of chalk

It’s amazing how much chalk dust is created when writing on a chalkboard. Having a device that is able to convert this dust back into chalk would be an asset to those who tend to write everything from shopping lists to ‘to do’ lists on a blackboard.

A coffee cup that catches the drips

It happens to the best of us – we make a cup of coffee or tea and manage to drip a little down the side; these drips often end up on the coffee table or sideboard causing the liquid to stain the surface. Having a coffee cup that is able to catch these drips would solve this reoccurring problem in an instance.

A gadget that turns water into wine

Of course this sounds too good to be true, although if it did exist wine connoisseurs left, right and centre would be queuing up for it in an instant! Despite such an invention sounding somewhat of a far-fetched idea, this miracle machine may in fact be in the pipeline, allowing users to create wine from scratch with just simple tap water and a small sachet of magic ingredients.

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