Geektown Radio : Episode 33 – Interview with Shameless star Karen Bryson plus UK TV Updates & Air Date Info!

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22 Sep 15
Geektown Radio : UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

Geektown Radio : UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

Karen Bryson

Karen Bryson

This week not only sees the return of Adam from his travels, but we also have an interview with Karen Bryson, who is best known for playing Avril in the multi-award winning and critically acclaimed drama, Shameless. She’s is now starring as Maria Adams, alongside Andrew French, Edmund Kingsley, Jack Gordon and Joe Dixon, in Anthony Woodley’s exciting science fiction movie The Carrier.

In The Carrier, England has been overrun by a pandemic with no apparent cure. As the infection continues to spread, safety – for a lucky few – looms in the form of a damaged 747, to seek solace abroad. It’s only once the plane is airborne, that the survivors discover the infection has made it onto the flight with them. As the survivors begin to take sides and try to impress their desires on one another, it becomes clear they’re in as much danger from each other, as they are from the infection.

As Maria Adams in The Carrier, Karen Bryson is a far cry from the glamorous Avril she is loved for playing in Channel 4’s Shameless. Maria and her husband Kevin (Andrew French) have lost a son, but the former airport cleaners are among the fortunate few to escape the pandemic on the 747.

Also in this weeks show:

  • We take a look at the tv show news we’ve watched over the last week, and a catch up with Adam.
  • A full round up of the tv news from the last week including the a new version of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere coming to tv, and Amazon’s new range of devices.
  • The interview with actress Karen Bryson where we talk about Shameless, her new movie The Carrier, and her upcoming BBC Drama, Cuffs.
  • As usual, all the latest air date updates, and a look forward to tv in the next 7 days.

Show Notes

Here’s the trailer for The Carrier

And a link to all the Amazon stuff we were talking about.

Geektown Radio : Episode 33 – Interview with Shameless star Karen Bryson plus UK TV Updates & Air Date Info!

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