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Geektown Awards 2015 – Best Male & Female Performance in a TV Show

by Dave Elliott

Both these categories were pretty close run things, with only a couple of percent separating the winners. As is only appropriate and British, it’s ladies first.

Geektown Awards 2015 – Best Female Performance in a TV Show

The top spot for this award only had 1% separating the last 3 spots. 3rd place went to the wonderful Maisie Williams who we nominated for her day job on Game of Thrones, but I rather suspect her moonlighting on Doctor Who helped too. 2nd place went to Lena Headey for Game of Thrones, and whilst she might not have had to do the whole of the walk of shame herself (kudos to the effects department and her body double for their amazing work there), her performance in the entire run was a superb this season. Taking one of the strongest females in the show, and watching her world crumble was brilliantly played. However the top spot goes to one of my favourites, and once again walks away with 1st place – Claire Danes for Homeland.


As ever Claire Danes performance in Homeland is completely stunning. Her portrayal of someone suffering from bipolar disorder when they go off their medication is incredible and scarcely accurate, as I’m sure anyone who has known someone with depression or who is bipolar would attest. It’s a great performance in a really good show.

Geektown Awards 2015 – Best Male Performance in a TV Show

Again, another close category, although not quite as close as the Female Performance, there was only a few percent between the top 3. 3rd place went to David Tennant, who returned to our TV screens in Jessica Jones as the very un-Doctor like Killgrave. 2nd place, and for the first time not landing the top spot is Geektown favourite Peter Dinklage for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. But, just beating The Imp for the first time, the 1st place goes to Andrew Lincoln for his role as Rick in The Walking Dead.


This season saw Rick being pulled back from the brink as he tries to integrate more with the people in Alexandria, whilst also trying to solve the problem of a massive horde of the undead heading towards the town. Once again, many lives are lost, and things are left in a very precarious situation at the mid-season break. The Walking Dead will return on the 15th February at 10pm, just 1 day after the US on Fox UK.

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