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Geektown Awards 2015 – Winners of Best Fantasy/Supernatural, Scifi, Superhero & British TV Shows of 2015

by Dave Elliott

Now we’re onto the real geek categories. Best Fantasy/Supernatural, Scifi & Superhero Shows! I’ve also put British TV Show of the Year in this section, for reasons which will become apparent when you see the winners. Some categories were a pretty close run thing. Others, not so much… First up is…

Best Fantasy/Supernatural Show of 2015

This was a very close run category with only  a few percent separating the top 3 spots. 3rd place went to Grimm, and 2nd place to our beloved Supernatural. But taking the top spot this year for the first time was American Horror Story.


Now, i’ll admit, I haven’t actually watched this show since the 1st season, which I really enjoyed, but I just haven’t managed to get back to it since then. So much good TV out there right now, and only so much time. However, the latest instalment ‘Hotel’ seems to have gone down well with the British public, and Lady Gaga has garnered a number of award nominations from it, so it must be doing something right! The show also spawned a renewal of the anthology format of story telling, where the same cast come back (with a few alterations) each season, but in entirely new roles.

Best Scifi Show of 2015 & Best British TV Show of 2015

Early on in the voting, these both looked like they would be fairly evenly matched categories, which could be quite close. But as more people voted, there was one show which really started to dominate both. For Best Scifi TV Show, just pushing The 100 into 4th place was Falling Skies which took 3rd position. 2nd place went to channel 4’s Humans, but landing on top with nearly 40% of the vote was, of course, Doctor Who.

For British TV Show of the Year, we had our first joint 3rd place, with Humans once again, but this time tied with This Is England ’90, so Channel 4 should be very happy with that result! 2nd place went to Downton Abbey, which finally bowed out this year, but once again Doctor Who landed the top spot.

It’s Peter Capaldi’s 2nd series as the Doctor number 12, and he really seems to have found his feet this time around. His first series I found enjoyable but a little convoluted in places, but he seems far more comfortable in the role this year. With Clara now gone, I’m very interested to see who they bring in as a companion now. I’d love to see an alien companion, rather than just picking up another random stray from somewhere in London, but I expect we’ll get an announcement at some point over the coming months, as to who’s landed one of the most high profile acting gigs on UK TV.

Best Superhero/Comic Book Show of 2015

This was a new category this year, and it still amazes me that we’re at a point with TV that there are so many Superhero/Comic Book shows, we can actually give them their own category! 3rd place went to The Flash, which is a great show, and probably the stronger of the CW/DC imports (if you’re wondering, Arrow came in 5th, with Jessica Jones in 4th). Agents of SHIELD landed in 2nd place, so it seems Channel 4’s torturous wait for the new season hasn’t damped the enthusiasm for the show. The same could be said for Channel 5, and this years winner. Taking 1st place it’s Gotham.


These is a certain irony that the show that wins the Best Superhero/Comic Book category technically doesn’t have any superheroes in it… However, it is set in a comic book world, and season 2, which is due to reach the UK on the 11 January at 10pm on Channel 5, is all about the super villains. Not only is Penguin back, but we see more of Nigma’s transformation into Riddler, the introduction of Mr. Freeze, and more possible Joker origins. We may have had to wait a little for it this year, but that means we should get the whole season with out the annoying mid-season break. Here come the villains…

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