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Limitless Now Definitely Cancelled.

by Dave Elliott
Limitless Now Definitely Cancelled

Limitless Now Definitely Cancelled

Very sad to say Limitless is now most definitely cancelled. News came last week that it’s US network CBS would not be continuing with the show, but they were shopping it round to other networks and streaming services. Sadly, a tweet from showrunner Craig Sweeny has confirmed it’s fate:

Reports say CBS Television Studios did try to sell it on to both Amazon and Netflix, but both services passed.

Limitless was a continuation of the Bradley Cooper movie, starring Jake McDorman as a struggling musician who is introduced to NZT, a drug which gives him access to every neuron in the brain for 12 hours at a time. This leads him to working with the FBI, using his enhanced abilities to help them solve cases.

Whilst the show did well with the adults 18-49, scoring a 2.4 rating once the DVR numbers were added in, it’s live-plus-same-day were way below the average for the slot, scoring just 1.4. Although that is slightly unfortunate, when, on other days, the slot in question is showing mega franchise NCIS (live-plus-same-day 2:2) and NCIS: New Orleans (1.8)… As we’ve said before, the problem is, although DVR numbers are counted, they are less valuable than live-plus-same-day numbers, where people are more likely to watch the adverts.

The show had won a lot of critical acclaim, and it does seem extremely short sighted of CBS to drop it after only one season. Limitless was a genuinely funny and inventive take on the procedural drama, and we’ll be very sad to see it go. RIP Limitless, you will be missed.


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