SDCC: People Of The UK, The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Is HERE!

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22 Jul 16

For those of you following the AMC Twitter feed, and losing your mind as AMC (being AMC) decided to leave the country restrictions on The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer, fear not! Thanks to the lovely and beautiful people at Fox UK, we have the trailer right here!

It not only introduces a number of new characters, but cleverly manages to construct a trailer without the majority of the main cast. That is of course, due to most of them currently kneeling in front of Negan (Jeffrey Dead Morgan), waiting for his beloved Lucille to bash someone’s brains in…

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At the moment Fox UK are just saying ‘October’ as the air date in the UK, but it’s a pretty strong bet it The Walking Dead Season 7 will air Monday 24th October 2016 at 10pm