Line of Duty Renewed To Series 6… But Won’t Return Till 2019

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05 May 17
Line of Duty Renewed To Series 6... But Won't Return Till 2019

Line of Duty Renewed To Series 6… But Won’t Return Till 2019

In news that will probably not come as a shock to anyone, the hugely popular Line of Duty has been picked up for a 6th series… Yes, I know series 4 just aired, but they’d already renewed it for a 5th season, so that means they’ve guaranteed 2 more series following the adventures of the AC-12.

Now for the bad news…

Line Of Duty’s creator Jed Mercurio has said he can’t start shooting Series 5 until 2018, as he’s currently tied up writing on another project…

I suspect that project is Bodyguard, which was announced last year, and is also being produced for the BBC. It’s a contemporary thriller featuring the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch (RaSP) of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. Set in and around the corridors of power, the drama tells a fictional story following a team of RaSP officers whose duties involve protecting royals, politicians and diplomats. The team is led by a Specialist Protection Officer, the Bodyguard of the title, a heroic but volatile Gulf War veteran expected to lay down his life for the powerful – whether they deserve it or not.

BBC Director General Tony Hall described shows such as Line Of Duty along with The Night Manager, War and Peace and The Moorside, as having “helped define our country.” He continues “What really excites me is we’ve shaken off all preconceptions about stories people will come to and get so much out of, and I think we have changed popular mainstream drama forever.”

So, no new Line Of Duty till 2019 (BOOO!), but a new Jed Mercurio drama on the BBC (YAY!).

No news on exactly when Bodyguard will land yet, but it sounds like they may be aiming for 2018 to help fill the Line Of Duty void in your life. We’ll update you when we know more!