London Super Comic Con – August 2017

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04 Sep 17

London Super Comic Con is a once a year comic book convention aimed squarely at those who want to get hold of classic and new comics, get hold of some unique artwork d commissions and talk to comic writers and artists. It’s a great place to actually get some real time to talk to the people who make the comics you love and find some new upcoming titles from independents as well.

The convention is normally held early in the year in Excel in London, but this year it was in August in the Business Design Centre in north London. A small but very nice venue with easy access to Angel tube station. However, it was held the last bank holiday of the school break and on the same weekend as carnival so it had a much smaller turnout than expected. This did mean that it was easy to get to talk to artists and writers and had a really relaxed atmosphere.

With comic books from the big names and also smaller more unique properties like iZombie, The Umbrella Academy and a niche little horror comic you might have heard of… The Walking Dead, getting their small screen adaptations, who knows which of the awesome new comic titles we found this year at LSCC might be gracing Netflix or Amazon Prime in a year or two.

We had a look around the convention and spoke to quite a few comic creators about their new titles – including ‘Parallel Worlds’ about multidimensional invading aliens helping the Roman Empire rule earth, ‘Sub Diablo’ about a group of teens living in a skull shaped submarine, ‘CCTVYLLE’ where bird CCTV camera hybrids watch the masses, ‘The Lion & The Unicorn’ about black market technological superpowers and cities with terms and conditions (both very Black Mirror!) or a comic aptly called ‘Moon’ about what the moon does in the day as a suit wearing crime fighter… there is something for everyone and the next big thing might just be waiting to be discovered!

Check out the video above to see all the interviews and maybe see you there next time!