Colin Morgan Gives His Thoughts On The #BringBackMerlin Hashtag

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14 Nov 17
Colin Morgan Gives His Thoughts On The #BringBackMerlin Hashtag

Colin Morgan Gives His Thoughts On The #BringBackMerlin Hashtag

As those of you who use Twitter may be aware, the hashtag #BringBackMerlin has been floating around on the social media platform, pretty much ever since Merlin came to an end 5 years ago.

Recently, there was a flurry of excitement when SyFy UK posted a tweet saying “You wanted to #BringBackMerlin and we listened. Return to a land of myth and a time of magic this November!”

Some people leap to the conclusion this would mean something new was coming, but it was, of course, to promote the channel rerunning the series each evening at 7pm on Syfy UK. Given how the series ended I’m not entirely sure how you could bring it back in any meaningful way, but that hasn’t stopped people dreaming.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Merlin himself, Colin Morgan, so I took the opportunity to ask him the question outright. If the writers could find a way of returning to that character, would he be interested in taking on the part?

“You know… I had the best time doing the show, 5 years of it.” Colin replied. “But no. As an actor, it’s about developing and moving forward. For me, personally, I’ve done all I can do with that character, and to do any more could risk tumbling the blocks we’ve built for 5 years. I enjoyed it, but I’d hate to do it and not enjoy it.”

So there you have it. The definitive answer from the wizard himself. It seems the very unlikely we will see Colin return Camelot.

You can next see Colin when he returns to Channel 4 next year in Season 3 of the brilliant ‘Humans‘.