E4 Sets October Premiere Dates For ‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 12, ‘New Girl’ Season 7, & ‘Happy Together’ Season 1

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03 Oct 18
E4 Sets October Premiere Dates For 'Big Bang Theory' Season 12, 'New Girl' Season 7, & 'Happy Together' Season 1

E4 Sets October Premiere Dates For ‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 12, ‘New Girl’ Season 7, & ‘Happy Together’ Season 1

E4 is lining up a Thursday night comedy-fest this October as it sets UK premiere dates for Big Bang Theory‘ Season 12, New Girl‘ Season 7 (finally!), & Happy Together‘ Season 1.

In the first episode of the 12th and final season of the ‘Big Bang Theory’, Sheldon and Amy’s honeymoon runs aground in New York, Penny and Leonard discover that they are uncomfortably similar to Amy’s parents, while Raj insults astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and starts a war on social media. Kathy Bates and Teller guest star as Amy’s parents.

‘Happy Together’ follows a 30-something couple, tired of their mundane life, start to reconnect with their younger, cooler selves when a young pop star who is drawn to their super-normal suburban life, moves in. The show comes from ‘The Last Man on Earth’ writer Tim McAuliffe and stars Damon Wayans, Jr. (‘New Girl’), Amber Stevens West (‘Ghosted’), Felix Mallard (‘Neighbours’), Stephnie Weir (‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’), and Chris Parnell (‘Archer’, and voice of Jerry in ‘Rick and Morty’). Ben Winston and Harry Styles will executive produce the series which is very (VERY) loosely inspired by the time when Harry lived in Ben’s attic during the height of One Direction’s success.

And lastly, the 7th and final season of ‘New Girl’ returns to the UK. In the opening episode of the US comedy, Jess and Nick return from a European book tour promoting Nick’s novel The Pepperwood Chronicles. Cece and Schmidt celebrate their daughter’s birthday with a party, at which Jess runs into her ex, Russell (guest star Dermot Mulroney). Winston and Aly struggle to pick a pregnancy photo.

All three comedies return on Thursday, 18th October 2018. ‘Big Bang Theory‘ Season 12 starts at 8.30pm followed by ‘Happy Together‘ Season 1 at 9.00pm and ‘New Girl‘ Season 7 at 9.30pm.