GoT: Get To Know All The Details About Filming Locations In Dubrovnik

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15 Nov 18
Got: Get To Know All The Details About Filming Locations In Dubrovnik

Got: Get To Know All The Details About Filming Locations In Dubrovnik

Explore legendary filming locations from the Game of Thrones with a guided tour through the streets of King’s Landing. Enter the mystical world of Targaryens, Lannisters and Starks whilst you experience some of the most famous filming locations in Lokrum and Dubrovnik.

Filming Locations around the globe

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest productions in television history with a massive fan base. Each season is filmed in multiple locations around the globe, from Northern Ireland to Malta, to Morocco, Croatia, and even Iceland. The scenery is almost as famous as the cast members and storylines, and fans flock to filming destinations to immerse themselves in the fantasy of Game of Thrones. One of the most popular filming locations is the ancient Croatian region of Dubrovnik, the setting for King’s Landing.

Filming location for King’s Landing

Embark on a magical adventure and explore the setting for the legendary King’s Landing scenes from Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik offered itself perfectly as a filming location, with its ancient medieval walls right on the coast being perfectly suited to depict King’s Landing. The seaside castle town has appeared in the majority of Game of Thrones episodes. Due to its well-preserved architecture and ancient buildings, Dubrovnik is the ideal backdrop for filming scenes for the fantasy series due to its imposing walls, well-preserved architecture, and stunning beach, with no computer-generated imagery or manipulation required.

Visiting the Filming Location of King’s Landing

Westeros, the largest city of King’s Landing was established when an iron throne was made from their enemy swords by the Targaryens. The Targaryens were later disposed of but King’s Landing was kept as the capital, where many scenes are filmed. Dubrovnik has become an exciting destination for fans of Game of Thrones to visit, with guided tours offering visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the famous setting. On a visit to Dubrovnik, visitors can experience what it feels like to walk through the halls of the Red Keep and sit on the infamous Iron Throne.

A visit to the beach enables visitors to see where Stannis’ fleet was defeated by the King’s mighty army in the Battle of Blackwater, and a trip to the island of Lokrum to see how it transformed into the fantasy city of Quarth is an essential item on the itinerary for fans of Game of Thrones.

Guided Tours Through the Streets of King’s Landing

When it comes to Game of Thrones tours Dubrovnik is the ideal place for every fan of the television series. To get the most out of your visit to Dubrovnik, a guided tour with an experienced tour guide can ensure you visit all of the most famous locations whilst feeling like you have stepped into the Game of Thrones. Embark on an exciting adventure as the limestone crags rise to the rear of the region, with the kaleidoscopic waters of the Adriatic to the front. The UNESCO World Heritage Site that lies in between is a perfectly preserved Baroque city that is now famous the world over. The guided tours feature a special map of the region that allows devotees of Game of Thrones to visit the locations that host the adventures of the Baratheons, Starks and Targaryens around the city.

Guided tours offered by companies such as ACCESS Dubrovnik vary in length and itinerary, and private guided tours are available for those who would like a more bespoke and relaxed tour.