‘Major Crimes’ Jessica Meraz Cast As Menagerie On ‘Supergirl’

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07 Dec 18
Jessica Meraz Cast As Menagerie On 'Supergirl'

Jessica Meraz Cast As Menagerie On ‘Supergirl’

‘Major Crimes’ star Jessica Meraz will be committing some… well… major crimes… as she joins Supergirl as the villain Menagerie it has been announced.

Menagerie, aka Pamela Ferrer, first appeared in the Action Comics back in 2001. The introduction of the character makes sense on the show as her comic book origins tie her closely with antihero Manchester Black, who joined the series this year played by David Ajala.

In the books, Pamela is bonded to an “alien warrior crèche”, which means she is covered in alien beasties which she can control. It’s not clear when or how this happened, as her backstory has never been told in the books. She is recruited by Manchester to be part of The Elite, a group of metahuman vigilantes who use brutally violent tactics to “free the Earth of scum.”

It seems the ‘Supergirl’ version is sticking somewhat to the same story, as Deadline reports Menagerie to be a jewel thief, who doesn’t mind hurting people, and is recruited by Manchester into The Elite.

Along with starring in Season 6 of ‘Major Crimes’, Meraz has also appeared in ABC drama ‘Chasing Life’, and is currently a recurring character on ‘Tacoma FD’ for TruTV. She isn’t the only major new villain this season, as it was announced in November that ‘Two And A Half Men’ star Jon Cryer would appear in the role of Lex Luthor.

Supergirl‘ is currently airing Monday nights at 8pm on Sky One.