The Witcher Series will be Made for Mature TV Audience

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29 Jan 19
The Witcher Series will be Made for Mature TV Audience

The Witcher Series will be Made for Mature TV Audience

Geralt of Rivia is now heading to your TV screen. The showrunner of the series, Lauren S. Hissrich and Netflix is planning to produce the TV adaptation of the popular role-playing game, The Witcher, with Henry Cavill taking the role as the main character. Hissrich revealed that The Witcher TV series is now exists as a rough cut. The game is known for its mature content and the series appear to be very faithful to the original adult-oriented content.

The original game itself isn’t for 5-year-olds with fair amount of nudity and violence. It would be reassuring for fans that the series will involve the Polish mastermind, Andrzej Sapkowski who wrote the original Witcher novel.  CD Projekt Red, a game development company introduced the work of Sapkowski to the gaming industry with the first The Witcher game. In the meantime, Cavill is training intensely to better assume the role of Geralt, a meaty, highly physical character. The maker of the series is yet to provide us with the official release window and we don’t even know whether the series will be aired this year. Fans have been voicing concerns about a few questionable casting decisions of the series, including hiring a minority actress for the character Ciri, although Freya Allan ultimately gets the role. Due to these concerns, it appears that Hissrich is distancing herself from social media and only return occasionally to address negative remarks.

Netflix Reveals First Look Of Henry Cavill As 'The Witcher's Geralt

Netflix Reveals First Look Of Henry Cavill As ‘The Witcher’s Geralt

It should be worth mentioning that the production of the show has started a few months ago. The first season will have eight episodes and the development team is working at breakneck speed. However, to keep the overall quality of the show high, Hissrich stated that the show could be launched in 2020. By taking all the facts into consideration, we could hope that The Witcher will live up to the expectation.

The Witcher storyline takes place on a land, simply called as the Continent. Human colonists arrived to the Continent about five hundred years before the actual events in The Witcher saga and the land has been ravaged by a long war between the invading elves and the native dwarves. The arrival of humans ignited further conflicts and humans emerged victorious. Non-human races become second-class citizens who live in squalid areas inside human settlements.

The northern part of the Continent is occupied by the Northern Kingdoms, while the Nilfgaard Empire resides at the southern region. The Witcher saga takes place after the first war between both empires and the second war will start in the middle of the series.  The Witcher is an open world role playing game, that allows players to choose different approach to complete tasks and quests. Witcher is also available on mobile and if you fancy playing then it’s worth picking pick up the right device from

Geralt of Rivia is the main protagonist of The Witcher saga, also known among the elves as Gwynnbleid (White Wolf). Geralt travels the Continent to make a living as hired monster hunters, as the land is plagued by many vicious creatures. Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon or better known as Ciri is another major character. She is known by the elves as Zireael (Swallow). Ciri is the princess of Cintra and becomes Geralt’s adopted daughter. With the Elder blood in her vein, Ciri has the power to cross the space time. She is depicted with green emerald eyes and ashen grey hair, two physical traits that run through in her family.

The latest game of the series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt contains plenty of nudity, swearing, violence and various other mature themes. But most of the time, sex scenes in game are optional, that is if the player chooses to approach certain characters or go to brothels. The game is also violent, far surpassing traditional RPGs, like Skyrim. Graphics and detailed depictions of stabbing, slashing and dismembering are common throughout the game.