Arrowverse Roundup: Hoechlin AND Routh To Play Superman, Supergirl’s New Suit, The Return Of Winn, and more!

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19 Jul 19

Arrowverse Roundup: Hoechlin AND Routh To Play Superman, Supergirl’s New Suit, The Return Of Winn, and more!

Just before the Arrowverse takes to the stage at SDCC tomorrow, I thought it might be worth taking a look a the slew of news that has been drip-fed out from The CW over the past week or so. We’ll begin with the latest development… Tyler Hoechlin AND Brandon Routh will both play Superman in this year’s crossover!

News released today announced that Brandon Routh, who last donned the blue, red, and yellow spandex for the film ‘Superman Returns’, will once again play Superman in the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover event this year. He, of course, plays Ray Palmer/The Atom on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, but will be pulling double duty in the crossover, portraying Supes as well! “How?” you may ask… Well, it seems Hoechlin will continue playing the main Arrowverse Superman, whilst Routh will play one from another part of the multiverse.

As you may already know, the crossover gets its name from a major DC comic book event written in the 80s by Marv Wolfman and pencilled by George Pérez. The storyline had a massive impact on the entire DC Universe, as it collapses the multiverse, unifying all the Earths onto a single plane of existence. The crossover this year will span 5 episodes, and feature ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’, ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, and the new ‘Batwoman’ series, so it is going to be a major event.

Elsewhere in the Arrowverse, Supergirl is also changing outfits (although she is still being Supergirl). The skirt is gone, and has been replaced with an all-in-one number, closer to the look of her cousin. You can see that below:

Sticking with the Girl Of Steel, she is getting help from an old friend next season as Jeremy Jordan announced he would be returning as Winn. “Turns out Winn didn’t go 1000 years into the future, just to season 5!,” he wrote in an Instagram post. If you remember, Kara’s tech-geek friend was last seen in the finale of Season 3, where he switched places with Brainiac 5 to take over Brainy’s role helping the Legion of Superheroes in the future. It looks like this isn’t a permanent return though, as he is only listed as being in 3 episodes set after the crossover event.

In casting news, a number of people across the Arrowverse have been given promotions this year, beginning with Andrea Brooks, who plays Eve Teschmacher on ‘Supergirl’, who has been promoted to a series regular next season. Over on ‘Arrow’, Joseph David-Jones, who plays Connor Hawke in the flash-forward timeline, is upped to series regular for the final season, along with Ben Lewis, who plays the grown version of William Clayton-Queen, and Katherine McNamara who plays Mia Smoak.

‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’, and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, are all expected to return this Autumn to Sky One. Whilst ‘Batwoman’ hasn’t officially been picked up by Sky yet, we’d be extremely surprised if they let it go anywhere else, but we will update you when and if that is confirmed.

I’m sure there will a lot more news dropping over the weekend from SDCC, so keep checking back for the latest info!