7 Cool Geeky Gadgets Every Online Bingo Player Needs

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29 Jan 20

7 Cool Geeky Gadgets Every Online Bingo Player Needs

Most gamers love their games and gaming gadgets immensely. If you love playing bingo online but doubt you need anything more than a regular desktop PC, we suggest you read this article to the end. We’ve prepared a collection of seven cool gadgets that are sure to improve your bingo gaming experience.

Noise Cancelling Headsets

Wouldn’t you love it to escape all the noise around you and immerse your body and soul into a virtual bingo hall? That’s all possible with a pair of sound-isolating headphones. Of course, don’t just buy any headset that claims to cancel noise.

Take your time comparing multiple devices before you settle for the right one. The COWIN E7 active, for example, is an excellent device at $59. Sony’s pair of headsets comes with more advanced features but at a cost of $348.

On the flip side, some noise-cancelling headphones cost as little as $20. So, compare a few devices and choose one within your budget but still decent enough as per online reviews and customer feedback.

A Dedicated Gaming Phone

Sure, you can play bingo on a standard iPhone. But why use a regular phone when you could play on a specially designed gaming phone? You’ll get to experience your favourite game using full HD or 4K resolution.

Again, gaming phones are much faster than standard smartphones and can be used to play a wide range of advanced titles out there. In case you are wondering, the Razer Phone 2, One plus 7 Pro and Apple’s iPhone XR are some of the best games to play mobile games.

You’ll have to shell above $600 to get your hands on any of these games but they offer the ultimate gaming experience. Of course, don’t forget the need to use a genuine bingo website. according to BestBingoSites.Co.Uk, the best bingo sites UK offer bingo jackpots up to GBP 10 million. And that’s not all. They welcome new customers with huge bonuses, including exclusive rewards for VIP players.

All-Purpose Gaming Chair

Nothing says you love online gaming with all your life than having a specially designed gaming chair. It shows you mean business and that you also care about your health. A good gaming chair provides support to your entire back and rests for your arms, head and neck.

What’s more, it keeps you comfortable so that you focus entirely on the announcers and chatroom talks. The best gaming chairs cost upwards of $200. But there’s an extensive list of comfortable gaming chairs priced $110 or less.

Of course, gaming chairs aren’t equal. Depending on your budget and ability to shop for a great piece, you can find an exceedingly comfortable chair that also massages your back without breaking your back. Some chairs also feature speakers to provide an immersive theatre experience.

A decent Gaming Laptop

The keyword is ‘decent’ and not necessarily the most advanced gaming machine out there. That’s because dedicated gaming laptops and desktop cost too much power for features you might never require as a bingo player.

Instead, a laptop that offers 4K video resolution, an LED keyboard and VR support would provide all the cool features you might need as a bingo fan. Precisely, you can immerse into virtual bingo and play the game as if you were in a virtual hall.

With 4K resolutions, graphics and videos on your laptop look realistic and impressive. With the addition of an LED keyboard, you can play in the middle of the night without putting on the lights.

If you play a lot of video games, though, you might want to spend what’s required to own a dedicated gaming machine. It’s the only way to play your favourite video games these days.

A Microphone to Kick Start your Streaming Career

Who said Twitch is limited for video game fans? If you have a group of friends who only play bingo online, start a channel where you interact with them. A podcast would also work, although Twitch gives you the platform to be a superstar.

The basic requirement for starting a Twitch channel is to own proper equipment. That means you need a decent laptop, a HD web camera and a microphone. The microphone and web camera are particularly essential.

If you have a poor quality camera, people will stop watching you because they can’t see you. Similarly, no one wants to listen to a podcast or Twitch stream in which the streamer uses a cheap, low-quality mic.

A Reliable Router

Nothing is more disappointing to a gaming fan than being disconnected from a session because of unstable internet connections. A reliable router can keep you online round the clock and also provides speedy connections for your convenience.

Similar to anything related to gaming, expect to spend at least $100 for a good Internet router. You can always settle for a $50 device if you don’t need ultra-fast Internet speeds in your house. But adding an extra $50-$100 for a powerful router is probably worth it.

If you are an avid gamer, a gaming router is your best bet when it comes to streaming. A device like the TP-Link Gaming Router supports up to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi speeds. For reference, that translates to 300-600Mbps.

An iPad

The iPad is the ideal bingo gaming device for millions of people. It loads bingo sites incredibly fast. It provides adequate screen space and allows you to multitask by listening to music or doing something else as you play.

Obviously, you want to have a decent iPad, so don’t settle for an old model. The iPad Pro would be a good fit but it’s relatively expensive if you only want it for casual mobile gaming. A mini-iPad, on the other end, might be too small.

To get an impressive experience, go with a 10.5-inch iPad that costs no more than $500. The cost is equal to purchasing a standard laptop. But you’ll have a portable device you can use to play your favourite bingo games wherever you go.