Top Films about Problems of Environment

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21 Oct 20
Top Films about Problems of Environment

Top Films about Problems of Environment

There are many great green films out there if you dedicate some time to find a theme of peculiar interest for you. Top films about problems of the environment encompass a dazzling array of themes and topics. Exclusively for your convenience and comfort, this page enlists some of the best environmental movies available on the Web. Since dozens of human factors, including consumerism and waste, change the world for the worse, raising awareness is a must.

If you have ever experienced any consequences of climate change, getting to know more about nature is wise. Don’t waste your time reading dozens of research articles since you can take a look at one of the environmental films. Here, take a look at some of the best films, most of which contain much real-life footage, as follows.

The China Syndrome

One of the greatest films you can access right now is China Syndrome. This American neo-noir thriller film raises awareness regarding all threats of a nuclear meltdown. Since this art piece is set in a fictional setting, you can experience a sense of astonishment with how brilliantly an atomic meltdown is displayed in this movie.

Upon visiting a fictional nuclear power plant near Los Angeles, reporters spot disturbing vibrations that represent the catastrophe on that object. This film is regarded as a symbol of the anti-nuclear movement worldwide. It managed to display all horrors of a nuclear meltdown and secrecy imposed by the government. For those reasons, The China Syndrome is one of those environmental films worth seeing for any individual interest in the topic of nuclear energy.


For casual film fans, Koyaanisqatsi is a film that would amaze an ordinary viewer with the way it was filmed. Since it consists primarily of slow-motion scenes and time-lapse footage of cities and landscapes, it might be a bit hard to watch. Viewers are welcome to track spectacular imagery of nature across the United States, masterfully connected with the images of modern-day megapolis zones.

You can expect a fascinating sense of relaxation by observing our planet visual spectaculars. It is also one of those documentaries that display our planet without words and dialogues. You are welcome to immerse yourself in observing nature and Earth’s future merely by observing landscapes and spectacular scenes. Check it out once you’re up for transforming your attitude to the subjects of globalization, urbanization, and even urban agriculture.

The Age of Consequences

Those interested in international relations or the future of energy are welcome to take a look at The Age of Consequences. This environmental film, directed by Jared P. Scott, brings a unique perspective on the impacts of the climate crisis and increasing resource scarcity. It also encompasses a vast range of other views, including migration, the rise of terrorist organizations, and environmental groups’ popularization. If you’re up for reviewing the modern-time challenges that our planet Earth is going through, you should give this movie a try.

You would indeed find out much information about global warming stressors and how they are interconnected with various social events worldwide. After all, the imagery of a living planet disruption is a highly unwanted perspective. Take your time to watch this film with a pencil and a notebook to understand how everything interrelates in our modern world.


Those interested in the theme of endangered species should review Sharkwater, an iconic documentary filmed by Rob Stewart. This environmental masterpiece reviews the current status quo concerning the well-being of world ocean creatures. It takes a focus on sharks, reviewing how shark hunting is destroying the world’s ancient ecosystems. For individuals interested in preserving nature, this film is an excellent example of success.

After releasing, shark hunting was announced to be banned in more than a hundred countries across the globe. Stewart, a director of this film, portrayed the existing attitude toward sharks alongside filming consequences of shark hunting for our oceans. This film was a huge success worldwide by shedding light on all topical questions related to sharks and their well-being. We don’t doubt that Stewart’s contribution was a major one in developing food and agriculture themes globally.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest

If you have always wanted to see an environmental film in animation, this is one of the best examples. Ferngully: The Last Rainforest is an animation film set in the Australian rainforest, with fictional characters helping fairies and the animals. In this film’s central narrative arc, characters unite their efforts with those creatures to fight loggers and a pollution entity.

Although the authors of this film claimed that they avoided the environmental theme as much as they could, this is still one of the most excellent movies about air pollution and deforestation. If you thought that it is just another silly film for kids, be sure to watch it again and change your mind. This animation movie raises awareness concerning a dazzling array of themes. Some of the most memorable include organic fast food, energy and waste, and natural resources availability. By emphasizing solutions, it is one of those films worth both kids’ and parents’ attention.

Honourable Mention: Okja

Okja, a film directed by Bong Joon-ho which is available on Netflix, is a film that tells the story of a young girl raising a genetically modified pig. While the plot tells a story of a friendship between Mija and Okja, who is a super pig, it attracts attention to much more critical aspects of our lives. In particular, Bong Joon-ho raises awareness about the themes of animal cruelty and food security.

All of those relevant themes are expressed amid the unprecedented population growth and enormous transnational corporations’ cynicism. If you have watched at least one Bong Joon-ho film, you are probably aware that social issues are placed as central questions in any narrative. That’s why this film is so often recommended to see for all sceptics of the ongoing climate crisis.

Final Remarks

There are plenty of other environmental masterpieces you are advised to watch. You can also take a look at Snowpiercer, Noah, or Plastic Bag, other iconic films dedicated to environmentalism. Regardless of what movie you choose to watch, you will still learn much about the ongoing crisis. Most of the mentioned above films contain much documentary footage, which highlights the scale of the displayed issues. If you genuinely care about our planet, watch at least some of those films, share them with your friends, and raise awareness regarding the upcoming irreversible changes to our usual routine.